Riverboarding is going to be huge in Washington.

This summer I wrote a post about a new and exciting water sport of riverboarding. And though , popular in Europe and New Zealand, and making its way in the North America, in Washington state this water sport is relatively new. But it's all going to change...

The Washington state pioneer of the sport and a former professional bodyboarder ( you can't be "former " if you still practice the sport) Rochelle Parry is planning on starting a riverboarding class at Western Washington University, where she works as a graphic designer.
She plans to work with the University's outdoor program to provide gear rentals and instruction. While it is cold, the Pacific NW has some of the best whitewater in the US and because of all the rain, rivers typically run most of the year.
The rumor is, as soon as next spring , anybody interested in the emerging sport of riverboarding ( or anybody interested in experiencing the life in its full capacity) will be able to give it a try ( and get hooked !) in a "safe and controlled" environment.

For now, visit Rochelle's web site to learn more about the sport ( don't mind that its spelled F.U.Q.. She is a funny girl ) and get a better idea of what to expect ( watch the videos and get stoked!).

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