ExtraHyperActive: Skydiving+naked supermodels= one awesome washing machine

Skydiving+naked supermodels= one awesome washing machine

First time I watched this commercial , I had no idea what it was all about ( not that I really cared..). Was it about skydiving ? Supermodels ? Silicon ?

Actually, Fleggaard is a Danish e-commerce website ( similar to Amazon ) that sells appliances, and in this very commercial, the girls during their descend, come together in mid-air to spell out an advertisement for a washing machine ( that one thing I didn't catch...). But seriously, who cares ?

Fleggaard's Topless Girls Spot
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Why cant we sell appliances in the US this way ? Why can't we go skydiving this way ?

Actually, believe it or not, there are lots of ..."enthusiasts " of naked skydiving. And just like with other "extreme sports", naked skydiving has its pros and cons.

Cons ? Guess what happens to a a woman's naked breast during free fall ? It ain't pretty, but... we've seen worse.

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Laundry 365 said...

lol a priceless ending to a pointless (but no the great and funny ad) advertisment. But so really that was good and the 'guys' that came up with that must be pervs, I mean comon who other then a perv would associate topless women with washing machines lol.

But still gread vid (shame they wasnt really skydiving though) and I loved the pic of a real naked skydive lol the tits look so funny, oh and is it just me or has the man in the mid got a ... lol