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Alpine skiing ( Alepental, the Summit at Snoqualmie )

Welcome to Alpental !

All my kids ( well, not really mine )
Treats for everybody !

St Bernard route
Meeting Ramsey

Graduation day-Armstrong route
Waiting in line

Looks like just yesterday I learned how to snowboard, right here at the Summit at Alpental. I think that was a sign. And this year, was my first year working here as a ski instructor. Just a couple years ago, I couldn't even imagine to have a "dream job". Do what you love, have fun and get paid ! Isn't it a dream come true ?!
Working at the Summit was a great opportunity. The job was very rewarding, I gained lots of experience and got a taste of what a seasonal job was like. Its definitely a job with lots of perks: free season pass, 50% off for food, rentals and retail, free classes (to improve your skills ) and of course a very casual atmosphere ( do you get that at your office job ?).
So, if skiing or snowboarding is your passion , but you cant really afford spending $50-60 every time you ski/snowboard, next year apply for a job here. Believe me, you won't regret.
For more information about the Summit ,check out "Outfitters" on your right.

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