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Guided Pheasant Hunts In Washington State

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Guided Pheasant Hunts In Washington State

Looking for guided pheasant hunts in Washington state ?

Pheasant hunting is a great way to get introduced to upland bird hunting for beginners. You don’t need a lot of equipment and although the finer points may take years to learn, it doesn’t take much to grasp a basic understanding of how to hunt pheasants.

If you’re thinking about getting started in pheasant hunting or just need a refresher, hiring a professional pheasant hunting guide is the way to go !

In this post we'll share our own personal experience going pheasant hunting with a guide in Eastern Washington...

The ring-neck pheasant is one of the largest and certainly the most brightly colored of Washington’s upland birds. 

The ring-neck isn’t native to Washington, or even to North America. The first pheasants were brought from China, and successfully introduced into several areas of Eastern Washington later in 1890's...

A few small, self-sustaining populations of ring-neck pheasants occur in the agricultural areas west of the Cascades, but the grain-producing lands on the east side of the state provide the best pheasant habitat and, by far, the highest ring-neck populations. WDFW releases thousands of pen-raised birds in both Eastern and Western Washington to supplement the wild pheasant population and provide additional opportunity for upland bird hunters.

But for beginner hunters, on a guided trip on a private property you are assured of a high quality experience.

Here are a few tips you need to know before you book your first guided pheasant hunt in Washington state :

Learn to shoot !

While most outfitters/guides don't require any previous hunting experience, they expect you to know how to shoot a shotgun...

If you've ever shot anything with any gun, you know you need some experience to hit a target...
You can only imagine that shooting a moving target could be much harder...

That's why, before going on a guided pheasant hunt ( or any upland bird hunt for that matter ), I recommend you take at least one clay shooting class.

Don't worry about shotguns/ammo/hunting license

Shotguns/ammo/license needed for upland hunting is diffrent from big game hunting... But you don't have to worry about it b/c most outfitters/guides will provide their own guns/ammo/hunting license ( if you're hunting on private property ).

TIP: Make sure all the gear ( shotgun/ammo/orange vest/hunting license ) is included in the price !

How many pheasants will you be hunting ?

Depending on whether you'll be hunting wild or tamed pheasants, most outfitters/guides will guarantee a certain number of bird per trip... 

Just keep in mind, even though it's a guided hunt with a guaranteed number of birds being released, it's still your job to shoot those birds... In other words, if you don't shoot a single bird, don't blame your guide for "an unsuccessful hunt".

Bring a cooler for your trophy !

If you're lucky to shoot a bird or two ( or more ! ), your guide will clean the birds for you ( and you'll have a great hands-on experience learning how to do that ! )... Just make sure you bring a cooler to keep the meat fresh.

Be prepared to walk a lot

Depending on the area you'll be hunting on, you might have to walk a lot on harsh terrain while carrying a shotgun...

Make sure you're physically fit for this adventure ! Your guide is NOT your servant/porter, and he won't carry you, your gun, or your designer bags... 

Also, make sure you're dressed accordingly... Pheasant hunting in Eastern Washington runs from early September till late March... And even though the weather in Eastern Washington is much better ( comparing to Central/Western Washington ), there is still a chance you might be hunting in rain, sun or/and snow !

Create great memories/experiences while learning something new !

B/c it's a guided hunt, many people treat it literally like a walk in the park ( expecting their guide to do everything for them ! ).

By all means have a great time, and take a lot of pictures, but also listen to your guide, and try to learn something new ! Even if you're not really into hunting, most local guides are very knowledgeable not only about hunting, but also about the local area, history, geography, and nature...

For us, pheasant hunting was a great father-son experience ( check out the video below ), and if you're looking for our recommendations for a guide, check out our new website "Best Hunting & Fishing Guides

Learn To Shoot Sporting Clays

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Learn To Shoot Sporting Clays -2 Hour Shotgun Shooting Classes In Eastern Washington ( all gear included ).

Learn To Shoot Sporting Clays -2 Hour Shotgun Shooting Classes

We embrace the opportunity to bring new shooters out on our course and teach sport shooting in a safe, fun, and simple format. Our first emphasis is on safe firearm handling and secondly on how to properly mount and site the gun, track, and shoot flying targets.

Our 2 hour lessons are taught directly to the shooter skill level and groups of mixed experience are no problem. Feel free to mix intermediate, beginner, and advanced shooters. We can even teach experienced vets a few things about the various challenges on the course and take beginners through a short but effective lesson on how to handle firearms safely and the basics of shooting.
2 Hour Sporting Clays Class.
  • $79 Per Shooter
  • Gun Rental Included
  • 2hr Professional Instruction Included
  • Steel Shot Ammo Included 25 Shells/Box
  • Clay Targets Included
  • Eye/Ear Protection Included

With questions, and availability email frolopg@gmail.com 

Extreme Aerial Bowfishing

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For some folks, bow fishing isn't just a sport or a weekend hobby. It's not even fish they’re after…

Bowfishing is about the most accessible form of bowhunting out there. There is no sitting around like you would when waiting on a deer to walk by or for a fish to bite. There is no whispering and being cold. Instead, there’s lots of shooting, and on a good day, reeling in lots of big fish. And a bowfishing spot is rarely far away.

Local Adventures : Game Farm Park, Auburn, WA - Activities For Kids & Families

Want to get out and explore nature right in your own neighborhood?  My advice, simply open your Google maps, and check out your neighborhood.

Just out your doorstep are dozens of unique places that are yours to explore and enjoy. Recreational facilities, hiking trails, historical landmarks, lakes, rivers, natural areas, beaches and forests – they belong to you! Why is that? Because they’re part of our public lands, our unique state parks system.

 There’s no better way to easily connect with nature, get some exercise in the outdoors, learn something new or just relax, than visiting your neighborhood  parks.

Within a few mile where we live, there are dozens of local parks. One of our favorite is Game Farm Park in Auburn.

The park is located in the banks of the Stuck/White River, and covers 88 acres.  Our favorite activities here are: picnicking, hiking, and archery. For more experience and adventurous folks, the river offers great whitewater kayaking and boating.

Game Farm Park is located on the banks of the Stuck River. The park covers 88 acres - See more at: http://auburntourism.com/index.php?c_ref=266#sthash.TICBjCQN.dpuf
Game Farm Park is located on the banks of the Stuck River. The park covers 88 acres - See more at: http://auburntourism.com/index.php?c_ref=266#sthash.TICBjCQN.dpuf

Game Farm Park is located on the banks of the Stuck River. The park covers 88 acres - See more at: http://auburntourism.com/index.php?c_ref=266#sthash.TICBjCQN.dpuf
Game Farm Park is located on the banks of the Stuck River. The park covers 88 acres - See more at: http://auburntourism.com/index.php?c_ref=266#sthash.TICBjCQN.dpuf

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Your Second Amendment

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I keep a gun because I'm too young to die, and too old to take an ass whooping'...

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Spear Hunting On One Breath

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Spear fishing and ( may be ) free-diving are among a few new adventures I added to my Bucket List.

While for somebody like me, those are just adventures, for some people around the world, fishing still remains the main way to provide for themselves and their families.

 For example, the Bajau people of South-East Asia live in stilt houses and fish underwater. Sometimes known as the sea gypsies of Malaysia and Indonesia, they are renowned natural freedivers. Traditionally, they are born, live and die at sea, and fish by diving 20m (more than 65ft) underwater for minutes at a time on one breath.

Below is an amazing video of a Bajau fisherman who free-divers to 20 meters to catch a fish.

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AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun aka "Professional Russian"

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Other than shooting Nerf Guns with my son, I haven't shot anybody anything for a long time.

In 2009 the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest closed several roads on the I-90 corridor to target shooters because of "a serious public safety concern”. Since then it's been tough to find spots to practice target shooting close to home.

Lucky for Russians, they don't have this problem. There, you can shoot wherever you want, whoever you want, and whatever you want :

Great mancation idea : Shooting real fully automatic machine guns in Las Vegas

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For many guys, Las Vegas is already # 1 destination to blow off some steam partying, drinking and gambling. The downside of all that is ....you won't remember shit drinking your face off for five days straight. But I guarantee you that no matter how drunk you are, you'll never forget this:
The Gun Store offers people the opportunity to shoot fully-automatic machine guns as well as handguns, rifles and shotguns...
I mean, we are talking about fully automatic M16, AK47, Uzi, M1A1 Tompson, M 249 Saw...

My suggestion, visit the store before you piss your money away on booze and hookers...because starting your story with : " I shot a fully automatic AK47..." beats " I got so wasted and almost hooked up with a fat chick..."

The Gun Store Las Vegas from nicholas Larralde on Vimeo.

More on target shooting.

In my previous post, I expressed my feelings about the young kid who was sentenced to 30 days in jail for fatally shooting a hiker, last year on the Sauk Mountain Trail. Some of the readers got an impression, that I was sympathizing the boy. Well, I was. And not just because he was 14.

I have to come clean. I am a target shooter myself. Not an avid one. As a matter of fact , I don't even own firearms. But some of my friends do. A lot. Rifles,shotguns, handguns,M-14-16s,semi-automatic... And one of their popular spots was ex 38 along I-90 HWY.

It's never been an issue for me before. But this particular incident made me think about the danger that reckless and destructive discharge of firearms impose on forest goers. According to the recent rules developed by DNR. :
Target shooting is supposed to be at manufactured targets placed against earthen backstops no closer than 500 feet from a campground, structure or residence and not on, down, next to or across roads and trails.

Here are some pics from my last shooting practice. As you can see, we did use manufactured targets, but some of them were placed down a hiking trail.

Later we were interrupted by somebody's voice behind us (since we had our earplugs, we couldn't hear what was going on around or behind us), and saw a terrified hiker going in the same directions our targets were. He asked us to give him at least 20 minutes before we start shooting again. Now ,even knowing that somebody was going in that direction, it didn't occur to us to remove the targets and place them against earthen backstops.

After we were done, a local sheriff pulled over. Looked around ,told us not to forget to pick up shell casings and drove away. One of the guys was on probation, that prohibited him to have or even to be around firearms.

Like I said, I am not a big fan of target shooting and actually, prefer a shooting range. But recent posts on WTA blog, The Seattle Times and other local media, show that target shooting is a big emerging issue statewide. And while safe shooting can exist in the forest, more work should be done to ensure safer trails for everyone who loves the woods--firearms enthusiasts included. No wander that more people start thinking that nothing short of an outright ban is going to work.

Designated Target Shooting Area in Olympia, WA