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The Puyallup Fair Fun : Zorbing, Mountain Boarding and Bull Riding for 3 year olds

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I really do hate it all : traffic jams, long lines, unhealthy foods, unreasonable prices... Yet, every year I'd go there because its a "family tradition", I'd get disappointed, and would swear I'll never go back again...

However, this year was different...

In addition to a bunch of lame fair events, there were a few that got me especially excited !

This is the first year in our state when mountain boarding was introduced to "the Average Joe".
MBS brought the excitement of Freestyle Mountainboarding to the Fair with its unique Pro Ramp set-up, and I think it was a pretty big success ! With a lot of high-flying action, the show attracted a big crowd every time it was on.

I mentioned Zorbing a few years back, and this year I was absolutely stoked to see it live at the Fair ! Though it was just one of the variations ( sometimes called " hydro-zorbing "), according to my son it was awesome !

What kind of a father would put his 4 year old on a "raging sheep" that's as unpredictable as a bull ? A loving one !

Until this day I've never heard of Mutton Bustin', but as soon as I saw a video, I knew I'd love to try it ! Too bad I wasn't under 60lbs anymore, but I knew somebody who was !

"Son, you wonna ride a sheep ? "
"Are you nuts ? Why the hell would I want to do that ? OK, whatever, I'll ride your stupid sheep..."
"That's the spirit ! I'm so proud of you !"

I'm sure that's the dialog we'd have if he was older, but at 4 you don't really have a choice... Just kidding, he said "no" to many rides I suggested, but when I showed him the video, and explained what he would have to do, quietly but firmly he said "yes".

And for me, it was the BIGGEST moment in my life !

A new adventure sport - Zorbing.

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Personally, I wouldn't call a sport, since you don't really do anything physically. But an adventure ? You bet !
...The only experience on your bucket list; The dream of dreams...the reality. The ride of your life.

I am talking about -Zorbing !

The word Zorbing ( sometimes known as Sphereing) entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001 where it was defined as: "a sport in which a participant is secured inside an inner capsule in a large, transparent ball which is then rolled along the ground or down hills".

Sounds pretty boring to me ( no wonder nobody reads those things anymore). But just like with other adrenaline sports, you won't get the essence of this sport until you actually try it. Let me give you a visual of this "adventure" :

It’s really a wild ride ! Don't know about you , but I would love to try that.
Unfortunately, just like with some other adrenaline sports ( river bugging, river surfing...) Washington doesn't have it...yet.

There are a few Zorbing facilities in U.S :

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Amesbury, Massachusetts at the Amesbury Sports Park.

Ski Roundtop, Pennsylvania have recently opened.

Zorb is a universal means of transportation ( and I would add -the greenest), both on land and water :