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Rad Power Bikes Affiliate Program (and other ways to make money)

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Earn 3-5% commission* with Rad Power Bikes affiliate program !

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Learn how YOU can make CASH every month flipping electric bikes ( and other fitness and outdoor products ) on sites like Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and others !

Watch the video below to learn more  πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

Love adventure travel, fitness, and the great outdoors ?
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RV-ing Just Got A Whole New Meaning

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bike camperRecreational vehicles  ( RV, travel trailer, camper, fifth wheel...) offer a great, affordable way to travel, vacation, and live-in. On the downside, RVs have pretty high maintenance and gas expenses, limited storage space, minimum privacy ( if you live in RV park), not to mention the whole "carbon footprint" and " environmental impact " those gas-guzzling monsters leave as they trail through nature.

For those "environmentally conscious " nomads, let me introduce you to ... not exactly sure what to call them : camper bike, bike motorhome, bike trailer house ?

10 Ways To Make Money Biking

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Personally, I believe that, nowadays, ANYBODY can make some extra money on the side pursuing their passion, or even turn it into a profitable business !

So, if you love biking, and looking for a way to support your passion, here I want to share with you my ideas of 10 ways to make money while biking:

Cycling the Pacific Coast Route: Why, When, and How

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Bike touring Pacific Coast Route

This is a guest post from Tom, Brittany, ( and their beloved dog Indy ) from the Rolling Pack blog about their experience biking from Eugene, OR to San Francisco, CA on the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route.

Bike touring around US ( or at least around Washington state ) is still on my Bucket List, and that's why, it was especially interesting for me to learn about Tom and Brittany's personal experience.

I find bicycle touring to be the Ultimate Adventure Travel Experience ! 
But to my knowledge, if you go out unprepared, your trip could be over before it’s even had a chance to begin. Many people set out on their bike touring adventures without having done the necessary planning or preparation, just to end up having a miserable time.

Tom and Brittany's example shows that if you do your homework, bike touring could be an amazing life experience !

When The Ski Season Is Over : 8 Snow Activities To Do At Your Local Ski Area

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Just because the lifts stopped running, doesn't mean the snow season is over. Well into the spring, there is still plenty of snow in the mountains, crowds are gone, and the weather and the snow conditions are sometimes better than during the winter months.

Below are 8 snow activities that you can do at your local ski area :

Bike kiting / kite biking

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Kites have a history that spans thousands of years of learning, adventure, and experimentation in aviation. They can be used over land, water or ice. Power kites can generate extreme amounts of pulling power to tow you on your kiteboard, longboard, mountain board, snowboard, skis, kayak, and even a bike ( if you are too lazy to pedal ):

Colonnade Mountain Bike Park In Seattle

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We've been hearing and reading about Seattle's Colonnade Bike Park for a while now, but haven't had a chance to take my bike to the park. One of the main reasons it took me so long to visit the park was the park's reputation of being not "beginners friendly".

Fatbiking Kendall Peak In Washington State

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Even though fatbiking is gaining popularity in such outdoorsy states as Alaska, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah, in Washington state it's still relatively new and exotic. I can personally attest that these kooky-looking bikes attract a lot of eyeballs, and everybody wants to talk to you, and give it a try.

Over the past few years fatbike popularity has skyrocketed. More and more fatbikes and fatbike brands are springing up ranging from cheap Walmart brands to expensive adventure racing and hunting specific.

Many "hard core cyclists" see these bikes with the clown sized tires as silly and unnecessary. While most definitely fatbikes are not for everyone, they aren’t just a passing fad, and they're here to stay.

Personally for me, fatbikes are all about possibilities and fun ( but I've got to admit, it's kinda cool to get all that attention too :)) !

Ski Biking In Vail, CO

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I came across ski-biking ( snowbiking ) a few years ago while researching about another new winter activity - airboarding.

Though both of these activities could be experienced in our neighboring Oregon at Hoodoo ski area, for the past 2-3 years, I simply couldn't find time to make a trip down there. And honestly, to me, ski-biking seemed a bit like kids snow scooting. I thought it would be fun to try, but didn't think it was worth driving for 5 hours.

But during my trip to Colorado I had a chance to jump on this great opportunity, and combine skiing at one of the epic ski resorts in US with trying out a new adventure.

Autumn In Leavenworth, Wa

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The City of Leavenworth is one of the greatest tourist destinations in our state. The "Bavarian Village" is perhaps best known for its incredible year-round schedule of outdoor activities and events. No wonder that this town has been chosen by National Geographic as being one of the "50 Next Best Places" to live & play.

$1,008,060 For World’s Most Expensive Bicycle

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This is the world’s most unique and expensive bicycle to have been created. House of Solid Gold, a California-based company has designed a mountain bike which is almost entirely covered in gold simply known as “The Gold Bike”.

Why Biking Is A Must For People With Mental Disorders

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As I previously wrote, one of the natural remedies for dealing with mental disorders ( whether its depression, bipolar, anxiety, or ADHD ) is to spend time in the great outdoors. Combined with a physical activity, it makes a tremendous impact on human's body and mind.

From my personal experience, slow paced activities such as walking or even jogging still allow your mind to continue over-thinking or focusing on the problem. While something more effective, yet, intense ( like running ) is not appropriate for everybody.

The solution ?

Find something high paced, yet physically doable that will keep your mind relaxed and worry free.
Like biking !

Biking And Land Paddling Around Lake Union In Seattle

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Seattle is an outdoor lovers paradise ! Just the fact that the ( unofficial ) "symbol" of the Pacific Northwest great outdoors - REI - is located in Seattle downtown, tells how much Seattleites love playing in the great outdoors !

Seattle is one of few cities around US that offers an abundance of outdoor activities in and around its downtown, with bicycling being, perhaps, Seattleites' most favorite one.

Urban trails include shared use paths, bike lanes, signed bike routes, arterials with wide shoulders, and pedestrian pathways. And a great thing about bike lanes/trails, is that they can be used by land paddlers as well.

One of these popular bike trails is a 6 mile loop around Lake Union.

Visit Garden Of The Gods In Colorado Springs,CO

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Southwest is a beautiful place for an adventure traveler to explore ! It is one of the most geographically diverse regions in the United States that contains more than its fair share of natural wonders: Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, and Monument Valley are just a few of the most famous natural attractions that draw people from all over the world.

But if you travel around Southwest for long enough, you'll see a lot of similarities : same red rocks, adobe structures, bluffs and mesas, deserts, and flatlands.

At least that's what I saw during my visit to Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs.

Fatbiking At Iron Horse State Park In Washington

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A few years ago, almost nobody had heard of fat biking. Nowadays, fat-biking ( don't mistake it with ski-biking ! ) is gaining traction around the country, especially in places where winter is more than just 3 calendar months.

Fatties have been around for more than a decade but have only captured the mainstream cycling world's attention over the past couple of years because of their versatility and a rise in extreme adventure races.

To grow the popularity of this new snow activity, more ski resorts are offering fat tire bikes for rent, and grooming snowy trails specifically for fat biking enthusiasts.

Fat biking is slowing but gradually gaining popularity in Washington state, especially in places with established cross country skiing traditions such as Leavenworth and Winthrop.

Basically, wherever there is a cross country trail ( groomed or not ), fat biking is allowed.

This year, I finally managed to get my hands on a relatively affordable fat bike, and really hoped to enjoy Winter Wonderland in a new and exciting way !

I couldn't wait to test ride it at one of my favorite cross country skiing Snow parks - Hyak Sno Park which is located withing the Iron Horse State Park.

But unfortunately, 2015 was another horrible ski season in Washington state. Some say, it could be the worst ski season in 40+ years ! Many ski areas around the state closed lifts (or shut down completely) and canceled lessons as the warm, wet weather washed out skiing and boarding.

During my trip in the middle of February, Hyak Ski Area ( Summit East ) was closed, with barely any snow on the slopes, and non on the ground.

I rode my fat bike for a few miles, crossing patches of snow now and then, but eventually, I decided to give up.

But I still had tons of fun ! Fat bikes definitely make it easier to ride in such "impassable" conditions as in snow, sand, mud, ice or over rocks. But that doesn't necessarily make it effortless. You might stay more upright, but you still really need to muscle your way through snowdrifts or thick sand. You're definitely going to get in a workout !

Biking = Happiness

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Have you ever met a grumpy bicyclist?  Me neither.

Scientists are confirming what most cyclists instinctively know – that riding a bike has extraordinary effects on your body, as well as on your brain chemistry.

But you don't need science studies to know how cycling makes you feel. In my opinion, cycling can be very close to meditation.  While on my bike, time and miles pass by with not a thought in my mind.

The apparent mindlessness of pedalling can not only make us happier but also leave room for other thoughts, from the banal to the profound.

Winter Mountain Biking

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It's true what they say : "Snow makes everything new. Including the way you see the world."

Even the places you've seen many times before, look different under a blanket of snow... I bet you've never seen your favorite bike park this way...

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What's Your Favorite Bike Ride Around Puget Sound ?

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Are you stuck in a rut riding the same bike path over and over again ? Would you like to try out new rides and trails ? Need more detailed information about more options and opportunities to ride around Puget Sound ?

Biking Bis blog published a video interview with the author of "Biking Puget Sound: 50 rides from Olympia to the San Juans " book, where he talks about his book.

The book gives detailed description of 50 scenic, entertaining and challenging rides for cyclists of all levels.
  • Each ride includes a map and a turn-by-turn route guide.
  • An elevation profile shows an overview of the terrain on each ride
  • An engaging narrative tells readers what to expect on each route.
  • A locator map and quick reference guide with difficulty, length and highlights enable readers to quickly choose appropriate rides.
"We are fortunate to live in a cycling wonderland, with the beauty of nature found everywhere, from diverse city parks to agricultural valleys, from waterfront lanes to island coastlines to mountainous back roads."
I am looking forward to buying this book , and exploring the greater Puget Sound area. Though I've been riding my bike for quite some time, just like many, I tend to ride the same trails ( with Interurban being the closest to my home, and my favorite one ! ). Hope to find more fun routes to try !

What Is Snowbiking ?

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I was checking out Hoodoo.com ( Oregon's ski resort ) to find some information about airboarding ( something that I'd like to try one day ), but instead, I came across another fun winter activity that they offer - snowbiking ( or as some call it ski-biking ).

Ride In An Underground Mountain Biking Park In Kentucky

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Washington state is a great place to be a mountain biker. With thousands of miles of single track, and numerous mountain bike parks, our state deserves to be called "The Mountain Biking Mecca of Pacific Northwest".

From Stevens Pass mountain bike park ( which is only second after Whistler's ) to a unique urban settings of Colonnade, Washington has a lot to offer to its local riders and the visitors alike.

Yet, Louisville, Kentucky, beat us to something exceptionally extreme and mind blowing - a man-made, underground 320,000 square feet Mega Cavern BMX and mountain biking park !