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When The Ski Season Is Over : 8 Snow Activities To Do At Your Local Ski Area

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Just because the lifts stopped running, doesn't mean the snow season is over. Well into the spring, there is still plenty of snow in the mountains, crowds are gone, and the weather and the snow conditions are sometimes better than during the winter months.

Below are 8 snow activities that you can do at your local ski area :

This Winter Try - Airboarding !

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You can't really find another name for this sport. Although many people refer to the sport as "Airboarding" because it's done on an inflatable "board," the manufacturers of the boards prefer to call it snow body-boarding because "it is more descriptive of the body motion and riding style." But since the only other naming options, snowboarding and tubing, was usurped by "more conservative" winter sports enthusiasts, the name airboarding is widely used.

First, when I came across this sport, I wondered how different it was from snow tubing ?

New Extreme Winter Sport : Airboarding

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Experience the mountain like never before!

Airboard is the new high-tech winter sports tool, a «bodyboard» for the snow.

In 1990, A Swiss engineer, Joe Steiner, created the airboard after he had suffered a knee injury. He wanted a way to stay active and still be able to carve his way down a slope like he did with his snowboard. So he created this blow-up “sled” that was equipped with runners and handles. It quickly turned into a popular winter sport. It had its debut in the US in 2004.


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... since I'm gonna spend this winter in Florida, chances are, it will be another year I won't get to try air-boarding... well, may be next time, I'll go straight for heli-airboarding !

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