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The Aquaglide 270 Multi Sport - A Remarkable Multi-Use Watercraft

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What if you can use your watercraft for more than just one activity ?

Recently, I came across this interesting product:
Aquaglide 270 Multi Sport 2015 is a great multi-use watercraft that can be transformed into a windsurfer, a sit-on-top kayak, a performance towable, a sailboat, or a motor tender! Compact, quick and easy to assemble, the Aquaglide is the perfect addition to your collection of water toys.

I tried windsurfing this summer , and I loved it ! The only downside - loading/unloading, and transporting the rig to the beach can be a hassle.

10 Adventures To Try In The San Juan Islands

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The Essential San Juan Islands Guide

I call the San Juan Islands - "Hawaii of the Pacific Northwest" !

The coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest, between mainland Washington and Vancouver Island, contain hundreds of islands, some little more than sandbars, others rising 3,000 feet. Among these, the San Juans are considered by many to be the loveliest.

The San Juan Island offer something for everyone. The islands are especially attractive to adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

We spent a few gorgeous early fall days, exploring the two of the most fun islands - Orcas and San Juan. Below, I offer a few suggestions if you plan to do more than just sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun :

Sailing Adventure On Historic Tall Ship Lady Washington

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The Lady Washington, a replica of the original 18th century ship Lady Washington, was built in Aberdeen, Washington, USA in time for the 1989 Washington State Centennial celebrations. Named Washington State's Tall Ship Ambassador, as well as the State Ship, it is operated by a professional and volunteer crew under the auspices of the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority. The Lady Washington portrayed the HMS Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Learning how to sail has been on my Bucket List for quite some time. 
As I've read somewhere: "Sailing is the closest we can get to nature - it's adrenaline, fear, a constant challenge and learning experience, an adventure into the unknown."

Unfortunately, it's not always the way you expect it to be...

We signed up for what was promised to be a "Battle Sail" - "Our popular three-hour Battle Sails feature booming cannons, close-quarters maneuvers, and a taste of 18th century maritime life aboard tall ships. Passengers are invited to raise the sails, verbally taunt their opponents, and sing the chorus on a sea shanty."...

Instead, we got to sail ... 200 feet away from the dock, circle around and shoot guns ( do you know the difference between cannons and guns ? That's probably one of few things I learned during the sail ), tour the area where the crew sleeps ( that conveniently had a "store where you can buy useless knick-knacks ), and listened to the crew sinning songs, and telling stories.

It wasn't completely waste of time. We did learn a few interesting facts, like where the word "knot" originated from, how to use a sextant, or where the phrase "son of a gun" came from.

Bedsides, it was pretty cool to sail on a famous movie ship !

I would say their educational part of the sail was more interesting than the battle sail itself. So, may be next time we'll sign up for an actual sail...

Windsurfing The WindGlider On Lake Tapps

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Recently I've been obsessed with windsurfing. Nice weather, steady wind, and a few new ( recently discovered ) local spots ( Golden Garden, Magnuson Park, Browns Point ) provided with excellent opportunities for windsurfing in Washington.

As you remember, last summer I got to try my new Windglider ( now re-branded as Aquaglide ), a great multi-use watercraft that can be used as a windsurfer, a sit-on-top kayak, a performance towable, a sailboat, or a motor tender. This summer, I tried to use it as a windsurfer.

Aquaglide Multisport sailboat

Even if you've never ever done ANY board sports, the Windglider would be an excellent way to introduce yourself to both windsurfing and paddleboarding.

Because it's so wide and stable, you'll have no problem keeping your balance. Because it's inflatable, you won't need much wind, and even a light breeze will get it going.

Not to mention how compact it is. Everything fits into a bag. . The WindGlider is compact, quick and easy to assemble, and you don't have to worry about having an expensive car rack or a trailer to transport it. It certainly beats having to transport/keep five separate water toys.

If you're ExtraHyperActive with multiple outdoor hobbies, this is a perfect multi-use watercraft for you !

Aquaglide Multisport sailboat

SUPing The Windglider

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Last year I wrote about the WindGlider -a great multi-use watercraft that can be used as a windsurfer, a sit-on-top kayak, a performance towable, a sailboat, or a motor tender.

One of my ( generous ! ) readers, who happened to come across my blog, generously donated this watercraft to use it to its fullest potential.

Last summer I was extremely disappointed with windsurfing opportunities in/around Seattle area, and after a few attempts gave up and sold my sailboard.

As you might know , recently, I got my first SUP ( stand up paddleboard ), and now I'm absolutely obsessed with it !

When I assembled my WindGlider, I realized that it would work just fine to use it as a SUP as well.

The middle of the WindGlider has pockets to insert two planks that you can stand on, and a 3 section paddle can be used as a SUP paddle as well. Two inserted fins allow to keep the Windlider in straight line, an added strap and multiple D-rings will keep your dry bag and water bottle in place, and it's wide enough for two ( who knows, may be three ? ) people to sit on.

Other advantages ( comparing to SUP or a windsurfer ) - it's very light to carry around, load on and off your car roof rack, or you can just deflate it to transport in your trunk and store in your garage/closet.

Performance wise...well, let's not forget we are still talking about a cheap inflatable. So you definitely wouldn't want to enter a SUP race on it...

But it's so stable and easy to paddle that even a 4 y.o can do it...