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SUPing The Windglider

Last year I wrote about the WindGlider -a great multi-use watercraft that can be used as a windsurfer, a sit-on-top kayak, a performance towable, a sailboat, or a motor tender.

One of my ( generous ! ) readers, who happened to come across my blog, generously donated this watercraft to use it to its fullest potential.

Last summer I was extremely disappointed with windsurfing opportunities in/around Seattle area, and after a few attempts gave up and sold my sailboard.

As you might know , recently, I got my first SUP ( stand up paddleboard ), and now I'm absolutely obsessed with it !

When I assembled my WindGlider, I realized that it would work just fine to use it as a SUP as well.

The middle of the WindGlider has pockets to insert two planks that you can stand on, and a 3 section paddle can be used as a SUP paddle as well. Two inserted fins allow to keep the Windlider in straight line, an added strap and multiple D-rings will keep your dry bag and water bottle in place, and it's wide enough for two ( who knows, may be three ? ) people to sit on.

Other advantages ( comparing to SUP or a windsurfer ) - it's very light to carry around, load on and off your car roof rack, or you can just deflate it to transport in your trunk and store in your garage/closet.

Performance wise...well, let's not forget we are still talking about a cheap inflatable. So you definitely wouldn't want to enter a SUP race on it...

But it's so stable and easy to paddle that even a 4 y.o can do it...

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