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10 Ways To Make Money Biking

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Personally, I believe that, nowadays, ANYBODY can make some extra money on the side pursuing their passion, or even turn it into a profitable business !

So, if you love biking, and looking for a way to support your passion, here I want to share with you my ideas of 10 ways to make money while biking:

How This 51 Year Old Man Turned His Passion For Skateboarding Into A Profitable Business

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Make money skateboarding

Todd sets himself apart from a lot of business owners because he takes the time to know every person’s name as they walk through the door.

“The one thing we really try to do is connect with the people when they are here,” says Todd.

Todd Huber  has the world’s largest collection of skateboards and estimates its value at around $500,000 (!).
He's also the owner and founder of Skatelab, Simi Valley’s highly accredited indoor skate park and museum.

Love Boardsports ? You'll Love Onewheel Electric Board !

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As I wrote in my previous post, I've been thinking about upgrading my longboard to an electric one. Riding a longboard ( or paddling a longboard ) is a lot of fun, and a great workout ! But I think it's more exciting cruising around effortlessly while enjoying the views, and catching surprised looks of bypassers.