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How This 51 Year Old Man Turned His Passion For Skateboarding Into A Profitable Business

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Todd sets himself apart from a lot of business owners because he takes the time to know every person’s name as they walk through the door.

“The one thing we really try to do is connect with the people when they are here,” says Todd.

Todd Huber  has the world’s largest collection of skateboards and estimates its value at around $500,000 (!).
He's also the owner and founder of Skatelab, Simi Valley’s highly accredited indoor skate park and museum.

Skatelab not only brings in local skaters and their families, but people come from all over the world. The combination of the indoor skate park and a museum draws children, teenagers, and adults into the quaint town of Simi Valley.

“I get a lot of celebrities to come to Simi,” says Todd.

Legends like Tony Hawk and Patti McGee are both hall of fame inductees in the museum. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, to name a couple, have also spent hours at the indoor skate park.

The museum has over 5,000 skateboards showcased and receives over 50,000 visitors each year, creating a lot of business for Simi Valley’s local restaurants and hotels.

Todd Huber has collected over 5,000 skateboards at a personal cost of $100,000, but says he recently had the collection valued at a total of $500,000.

"Over the years, I have spent probably 100,000 bucks on skateboards, which seems like a lot, but recently we had the collection appraised at 550,000 bucks. So, a board that I bought in 1991 for two bucks could be worth 2000 dollars now." - Tom says.

However the skateboard enthusiast didn't start collecting until later in life.

He said: "I was a heavy smoker. After quitting the habit of smoking, I started collecting skateboards as something to do".

"I had all the extra time and energy, and I turned what was a negative thing for me - smoking - into a positive thing of collecting skateboards. That's why I am here today."

While board sales also remain strong for the shop, Skatelab has also gained attention for its apparel line, which it has licensed out to Macy’s, Target, JC Penney’s and most recently to Wal-Mart. The line, which consists of T-shirts and hats, will be available by summer for $7.50 each at 1,750 stores nationwide. Shorts, backpacks and other items are still in development.

But Todd's true passion lies in teaching kids how to skateboard, but he has been able to combine that passion with his dedication to his small town of Simi Valley.

Even though this 51-year-old Simi Valley, California man has never been a sponsored athlete, he found the way to turn his passion for skateboarding into a profitable business . Skateboarding has been a part of Todd's life for almost as long as he can remember. 

He said :"I love my job. I couldn't imagine working at the bank. No offence to anybody in the bank but that's not me. I'm a creative person, I need creativity."

Todd's inspiring story proves that all you need to start a successful business is a passion, and the burning desire to pursue it no matter your age, skills, or circumstances. 

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