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Tips On Surfing In Tofino, B.C.

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Surfing in Tofino

If you're a surfer in PNW, "surfing in Tofino" should be on your Bucket List ! While surfing itself is pretty mediocre, just the road trip from Seattle to Tofino is an adventure of its own worth adding to your list !

In this post, I want to share a few tips that will hopefully help you plan your epic road trip.

KiteWing - An Awesome Toy For All Board Sports

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Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

If you've been following this blog, you know that being ExtraHyperActive, I love all types of boards sports : snowboarding, surfing, longboarding, windsurfing, skimboarding... You also know that a few years ago I started doing kiteboarding and kite landboarding. All these boardsports are extremely fun, and offer something for everyone. But I never stop looking for more ways to challenge myself, have fun, and create unforgettable experiences !

Recently I came came across a pretty awesome toy that can be used with any board, and more !

Kitewing SK8 Ice & Snow Sail

Kitewing (aka Skimbat) is a wing shaped kite. Many people call it “the wing” for short, just because of its shape.

Ski AND Surf Lake Tahoe

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Surfing Lake Tahoe

Recently, I read it somewhere that Lake Tahoe had been ranked the No. 1 ski destination for the 2010-2011 season. I can't comment on that since I've never been to Lake Tahoe, but can say one thing: if I ever make it there it's not going to be ( just ) skiing...

Surfing China's Tidal Bore

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tidal bore surfing

I already wrote about this unique natural phenomena - tidal bores.
Bores occur in relatively few locations worldwide, and recently surfing/SUPing world was introduced to a few of them: the Turnagain arm of Cook Inlet in Alaska and "The Seven Ghosts" deep in the heart of the Indonesian jungle.

And below is a great video from Silver Dragon Surfing Championships 2011 that took place on the Qiantang River in Haining. The extraordinary tides of the Qiantang River are a world-renowned natural wonder. Millions of tourists from China and overseas are drawn to the city of Haining in Zhejiang province every year to witness one of China's most unusual and spectacular sights - the amazing surging tides of the Qiantang River.

The river features the world's largest tidal bore with waves that travel up to 40 kilometers per hour and up to 9 meters high:

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Washington Adventures : Take Your Kids Surfing

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If you can surf in Washington state, you can surf anywhere !

Surfing in Washington is a pretty miserable experience. Dipping occasionally into the mid-40s but generally hovering around 50 degrees, the ocean water temperature is just one of the "discomforts", along with gale-force winds, massive swells, demonic currents, and razor-sharp rocks.

What Is Wakesurfing ?

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Being ExtraHyperActive, I have tried a lot of outdoor activities/sports over the past few years. Yet, there are a few that I still hope to try ! And wake surfing is one of them.

Freighter Wave Surfing In Seattle

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As I wrote in my previous post, I discovered "surfing" right in the heart of Seattle ! Well, almost...

Shilshole Bay Marina in Ballrad  is only 20 minutes from downtown Seattle. Located on Puget Sound, the marina affords direct access to one of the finest salt-water sailing basins in the world. Shilshole's stunning setting and convenient saltwater location make all types of boating fun !

Shilshole Bay has long been popular among sea and recreational kayakers, windsurfers, and now, paddlebaorders.

But it wasn't until recently, the place has become an alternative destination for local paddle surfers who found it frustrating to drive 3 hours to the coast.

5 Tips To Teach Your Kid To Surf

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Teaching somebody of any age to surf is inherently frustrating. Teaching a kid to surf can be a task for a super parent !

Surfing and parenting are both long-lasting relationships, so you want to keep them simple:  the less you complicate them, the better they turn out.

Here area few things when it comes to introducing your offspring to the ocean and the joy of surfing:

Physical Limitations Can Be Overcome With Desire And Perseverance

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But for many people physical limitations can be a factor that, they believe, stops them from achieving their goals, dreams, desires.

The dictionary describes the word overcome as “to conquer”. But don’t stop there. Get a real shot of motivation from this blog and other sources that will motivate and inspire you to overcome the obstacles in your life, press forward to reach new heights and encourage others to do the same.

The video below made a huge impression on me. Derek Rabelo from Brazil surfs without his sight, missing the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the waves embracing the shore—but Derek has a vision—letting people be aware that even in his present condition he still conquered his fear and do what he loves to do no matter what it takes.

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Winter Night River Surfing In Munich

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I've already written about Munich , Germany as, allegedly, a birth place of river surfing. The landlocked city boasts some of Europe’s best waves. Located in Munich's Englischer Garten Park, the Eisbach wave is probably the most watched and surfed wave in the world. It’s literally surfed 24/7 all months of the year and is located under a road bridge on Prinzregentenstra├če.

3 Best Places To Watch Storms ( And Surf ! ) In Washington State

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MSN.com recently came up with "10 best places to watch storms on the West Coast" list.

Guess what ? 3 beaches in Washington made the list !!!

If you don't want to be just a passive observer, grab a board and go surfing !

 Ocean Shores, La Push, and Long Beach are among the best places in Washington to surf almost all year round !

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Wave Skimboarding

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As I wrote in my previous post, there are two types of skimboarding : flatland , and wave riding.

I got to try flatland skimboarding last summer, and it was a lot of fun ! At first, it did feel a bit awkward, and even a bit embarrassing. I was the only adult at the beach skimboarding, and "the real surfers" and beach goers were giving me a stink eye. But I didn't care. It was something new to try, tons of fun, and a great cardio workout !

But recently, I got my first wave riding skimboard. Unlike flatland skimboarding, wave riding looks more difficult to master :  running full blast at the ocean, jumping onto the board, and riding out into the ocean to catch the approaching wave just before it breaks and ride it back into the shore. It's kinda like trying to skateboard on a quarterpipe that's coming right at you...A quarterpipe that, if you don't get there in time, is gonna explode right in your face.

Extreme Glacier Surfing In Alaska Video

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What do you do when you see sheer ice faces of over 400 feet calved away from a glacier, crashing into the waters below and setting off tsunami like waves of up to 25 feet ?

You surf those suckers !

River Surfing On The Isar River In Germany

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It's been a while since I wrote about river surfing, and to my disappointment I still haven't had a chance to try it.

Though, there are a few spots along the Wenatchee River where you could do it, the only time to do that would be during early spring/summer when the snowpack is melting producing nice standing waves.

Unlike in Munich, Germany where you can go river surfing on the Isar River almost any time of the year.

Surfing The Wave Pool In Dubai

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Pretty soon surfing will be possible anywhere !

The era of the artificial wave is coming. Nearly monthly, the progress toward perfect artificial waves is being made. Surf pools and surf parks are being installed everywhere; from Asia to North America.

Below is a pretty cool video of one of such surf pools in Dubai.

Dubai is truly a “one of a kind” place which could be best described as a bizarre mix of Las Vegas, Mecca and Hong Kong. Surfing in the Persian Gulf can offer really nice mellow waves from November to April, but the swell is unfortunately quite inconsistent.

Unsalted : A Great Lakes Experience

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If you think surfing in Washington state is miserable, check out the video below about a group of dedicated surfers who ride the waves of the Great Lakes.

At least we're lucky to have the ocean.

Unlike ocean waves, Great Lakes waves are generally smaller, less powerful, have shorter wave periods (the interval between waves) and less consistent than ocean waves. Not to mention lake waves are commonly created during vicious storms.

The Best Surf Towns In America - Westport, WA

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The beauty of great surf towns is that they combine great waves with a laid-back beach atmosphere.

The West Coast is dotted with dozens of diverse and attractive surf towns. While California and Hawaii remain the most popular surfing destinations, their PNW neighbors - Oregon and Washington - are gaining popularity and respect among the more hard core crowd of cold water surfers.

Wesport's Westheaven State Park is probably the  most popular surfing destination in Washington state.

Long Beach Peninsula: surfing, biking, camping

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This was my first trip to the Long Beach Peninsula, and now, it has become my favorite coastal destination in our state. I found a whole lot more to do here than at other small coastal towns like Ocean Shores or Westport. It is a perfect vocation destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

My original plan was to check out local surfing scene here. Though, recognized as one of the longest and most drivable beaches in the United States, it's not that easy to find a good break. A few places I heard about are : Seaview , Klipsan Beach, and Leadbetter State Park. Surf conditions are the same as at Ocean Shores - small, foamy , but consistent waves. Dangerous rips are a hazard of surfing here, so I wouldn't go any deeper than waist high. If you are a beginner, a local area surf shop Skookum Surf Co. offers premium surf lessons, and surf gear rentals.

Since recently, on every trip I go, I take my bike with me. I found it to be easier, healthier, more fun ( and you save on gas ! ) to discover visiting area by bike.

One feature that completely blew my mind here was the Discovery Trail.

This 8.2 mile trail stretches from the northern city limits of Long Beach and goes all the way to Ilwaco ( a small fishermen town, also known as " Fishing Capital of the World " ). This is the best leisure biking trail I've ridden so far ! The trail is paved, relatively flat, and the scenery is amazing ( with the ocean just a few feet away ) !

Cape Disappointment State Park is the most visited park in the Washington State Parks system. The park's most famous and visited landmarks are two lighthouses ( North Head Lighthouse and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse ) and Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. A Lighthouse Keepers Residence is now offered as a vacation rental through Cape Disappointment State Park. Fronted by the Pacific Ocean, the park offers breathtaking ocean views, great camping ( tent, RV and yurts ) and it's only minutes away from Long Beach. The park links a few short hikes ( I did Westwind Trail, which gets wet and muddy when it rains and really unpleasant to hike ).

All in all, I had a great first impression from this area. Besides the activities that I've listed, there is something to do for everybody : horseback riding, kiting, fishing, paddling, clamming ( something that I haven't tried yet :)...

The Long Beach Peninsula is remarkable for its continuous sand beaches and dotted with many small towns along the way, so if you can't find what you are looking for in one town, you can always just go to another one. Once in Seaview, stop by local Visitor Bureau ( Intersection of Highways 101 and 103 ) to get more detailed information.