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Washington Adventures : Take Your Kids Surfing

If you can surf in Washington state, you can surf anywhere !

Surfing in Washington is a pretty miserable experience. Dipping occasionally into the mid-40s but generally hovering around 50 degrees, the ocean water temperature is just one of the "discomforts", along with gale-force winds, massive swells, demonic currents, and razor-sharp rocks.

But despite the cold weather and freezing water temperature, surfing is becoming more and more popular in our state. On a nice (rare ) sunny day, you'll see dozens of people "hanging loose" at the popular surfing spot in Wesport's Westheaven State Park. You will see folks of all ages, including little kids boogie boarding or learning to surf.

In my previous post, I wrote about how to get your kids interested in surfing. As I wrote in that post, the best things you can do is to introduce your kid to surfing in warm water. But if you don't have that opportunity, investing in the right surfing gear for your kids will do the trick.

Another tip that I shared - if your kid doesn't feel comfortable popping up on a surfboard, start with a boogie board. That will teach them how to catch a wave, and how to steer the board.

But most important - surf along ! My son didn't feel comfortable getting into the water until he saw me riding my board.

Remember to create an experience ! Bring along your BBQ, lots of food, water toys, and focus on having a good day at the beach !

Unless you’re a polar bear, there’s not much to like about cold-water surfing. It can be cumbersome because of all the added gear, and it can be uncomfortable. But on the bright side, cold weather and water usually keep the crowds in check by separating the dedicated from the fair-weather masses. And more importantly, there are countless perfect, cold-water waves that are just waiting to be surfed!

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