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Frogfish Fin - The Only SUP Fin You'll Ever Need !

Choosing the right fin for your paddleboard is crucial for your board's performance, and the conditions you paddle in. The design of the fin also affects speed, stability and how easily you can turn your board. But the most important feature of any fin is probably its rugged durability/long livity that will keep you surfing without paying through your nose for a constant stream of replacement fins.

If you're anything like me, chances are, you've broken quite a few paddleboard fins. 

Some of the most common causes for breaking your fin could be :

  • laying your board on the ground with the bottom side facing down (while the fins are installed). The weight of your board is resting on the fin(s). And if a child or dog is running around and jumps on the board, that pressure will cause the fin(s) or fin box to break. 

  • people jump onto their boards (or dismount) in too shallow of water. The same applies to riding your board onto the beach. This causes your fin to hit the ground under water and exerts too much pressure on the fin and fin box. Note that even beach sand can cause impact damage. 

  • hitting debris or underwater hazards – even at slow speed. This includes branches, dead heads and rocks. 
Fins have gotten ridiculously expensive in the last few years, and every time you break your SUP fin, it can set you back $20-100 ( consider yourself  lucky if the fin box is safe... if not, you're looking at another $200-300 in repairs ! ).

But now, you can save money by purchasing just one fin  - Frogfish fin !

Reduces Fin Damage

When rigid fins hit the bottom or other hard objects, the fin, fin box and even the board can be damaged. Time and cost required for repairs are annoying. The dynamic rotating action of the Frogfish fin weakens the force of impact and transfers energy to the retraction spring. This means some of the energy that would have gone into breaking your fin, fin box or board goes elsewhere.

Shallower Launching and Outhaul

Launching in shallow water with a Frogfish fin allows a paddler to gain a more stable stance while the fin is in contact with the bottom. This is especially helpful for beginner paddlers or those who don’t want to wade out in cold water to get on their board. In addition, a paddler can come in closer to shore before getting off the board since the Frogfish fin retracts when it gets in shallow water.

A retracted Frogfish fin draws about 3 inches, similar to the draft of the board where the paddler stands. The board is as likely to make contact as a Frogfish fin.
Another great feature of this amazing product is that the fin is simple to use and installs quickly in most standard fin boxes ( no special tools or modifications to the board are required ). It will work great for both epoxy and inflatable paddleboards ! 

This retractable pivoting SUP fin would work great for the outdoor enthusiast looking to explore rivers, creeks, backwaters, tidal areas and beach wash surfing.

Check out how Frogfish fin worked in class 1 and 2 rapids on one of Eastern Washington's most popular river destinations :

We are working to partner with various retailers to have our products available in retail stores. Feel free to contact us directly for direct sales, industry discounts or pro-deals.

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