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Add "Dog Sledding In Whistler, BC" To Your Bucket List !

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Dog sledding in Whistler, BC is a truly Canadian experience, and a "must" to add to your Bucket List  !

Dog Sledding In Whistler, BC

Whistler, British Columbia, is best known as a ski resort, but skiing is just one of a wide range of winter activities available to visitors.

When The Ski Season Is Over : 8 Snow Activities To Do At Your Local Ski Area

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Just because the lifts stopped running, doesn't mean the snow season is over. Well into the spring, there is still plenty of snow in the mountains, crowds are gone, and the weather and the snow conditions are sometimes better than during the winter months.

Below are 8 snow activities that you can do at your local ski area :

Snow Tubing At Summit At Snoqualmie

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If you are looking for good old fashioned wintertime fun, you have got to head straight to Summit at Snoqualmie's tubing center ! It's a great place for an epic winter adventure !

Located across from Summit Central, snow tubing is fun-filled, carefree way for family and friends to enjoy the exhilaration of sliding on snow !

Bucket List Idea: Try Dog Sledding

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There’s something about experiencing the Winter Wonderland from the perspective of a dog sled that snowmobiling or a ski tour simply cannot match.

Maybe it is the slower pace that gives plenty of time to take in all the impressions or maybe it is the combination of sled dogs panting plus the rhythmic beat of their large paws, a sound that is suddenly magnified against a backdrop of pure silence.

Dog sledding allows you to get back to the basics, our roots in non-motorized transportation. Exploring nature from the back of a dog team is something hard to top. Every run with a team of dogs is an adventure.

Winter Hiking And Sledding At The Snoqualmie Pass

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As I previously wrote, sledding or tubing are not allowed around the Summit at Snoqualmie ski area during operation hours. The only two places you can do are : the Summit's tubing center or Hayak Snow Park ( also known as John Wayne Pioneer Trail at ex 54 on I - 90 ).

Another option is to come to the Summit during off- season to enjoy your snow toys.

If you and your little ones don't mind a short hike, you can try PCP ( Pacific Crest Trail ) trailhead that offers a steep approach that you can use as a hill. But since it's a popular snowshoeing, winter hiking, and ski touring trail, make sure you use caution when sledding.

This weekend we decided to combine a bit of backcountry hiking and sledding at a popular Snow Lake trail.

Snowscooting - Winter Fun For Kids And Adults !

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Being a (extra) hyperactive father to an even more hyperactive son means coming up with more fun as much as possible as often as possible. Skiing, snowboarding, snowskating, snowshoeing, sledding, tubing... are not enough for my kid. We are always on a lookout for more thrills, fun and adventures !

Browsing Craigslist for more gear, I came across a pretty interesting find - a snowscooter ! My son has already been having fun riding his push and electric scooters, and I thought the snowscooter would be a great addition to his own outdoor gear collection.

We took the snow scooter to our favorite ski area in Washington - Alpental. Its steep slopes were ideal for this fun little snow toy. Light, maneuverable, and durable the scooter worked great for both of us !

NOTE: During ski season sledding of any type is not allowed around the area. Just like our training snowboard, the snowscooter doesn't have metal edges and a leash, the safety feature required for (any) snow gear to be used on the slopes. 

That's why, you can only use it during off hours/season or away from crowds in specifically designated areas ( like sledding slopes ).

Absolutley No Sledding At Summit West

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In my post about our trip to Tubing Center at Snoqualmie , I mentioned that they really don't allow any forms of tubes, sleds, or toboggans anywhere around ski area, and I meant ANY AREA : whether it's Central, East, West, or Alpental ( "Personal sledding devices are not allowed for liability reasons").

I personally think this rule blows; it's a huge mountain, and prohibiting such a popular winter activity is just plain wrong.

But you know me, if there is a will, there is always a way...

There are a few "official/unofficial sledding areas" around Summit East, but if you don't feel like driving or paying ( one of the areas - the Hyak Sno-Park requires a Washington State Sno-Park Permit which is $20 (!) a day ), you can just park at Summit West, cross the road and head out to PCT parking lot

If you've ever gone hiking/snowshoeing there, you know that the road to the parking lot goes uphill, and is steep enough for a few good runs.

But this time, we decided to combine hiking/snowshoeing/sledding in one, and took our sled for a mile+ hike along PCP trail

With the recent snow fall, relatively warm weather, and away from the crowded ski area, we had a great trip that gave us a chance to try our new Yamaha Snowmobile, as well as challenge my son's riding skills

Add "extreme" to your next tubing trip

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So, last year I had a chance to try out tubing at the Summit at Snoqualmie.

It was lot's of fun for my 4 year old, but barely OK for me. Though I don't consider myself to be an adrenaline junkie, I need more than 30 seconds "to get my thrill on".

This video below is an example how something as boring as tubing can become pretty extreme: