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Add "Dog Sledding In Whistler, BC" To Your Bucket List !

Dog sledding in Whistler, BC is a truly Canadian experience, and a "must" to add to your Bucket List  !

Dog Sledding In Whistler, BC

Whistler, British Columbia, is best known as a ski resort, but skiing is just one of a wide range of winter activities available to visitors.

Dog sledding tours, which are available through local adventure companies and lodging establishments in Whistler, combine a fun, family-friendly experience with a glimpse into the region's heritage. 

They are generally two to three hours in duration and take place in the scenic Callaghan Valley. 

The tour begins with instruction in harnessing the dogs, vocal commands and sled handling. Up to two adults and one child may ride in the same sled together. The tour lasts 2.5 hours and departs four times a day. 

TIP : This activity would be best enjoyed with somebody else as all the prices are for 2 people sled ( meaning -  if you're alone, you'll have to pay for 2 unless they have another "single" to ride with ).

According to Tourism BC, experience is not necessary to enjoy a dogsled adventure, and your level of participation can usually be customized. Relax as you ride a mellow mix of open winding trails through the old-growth forest of the Callaghan valley. 

You can sit back and relax, or if you’re up for it you’ll get the chance to try driving the team yourself! Help hook the dogs up to the sled before setting off, and learn the commands and how to handle the sled on this unforgettable adventure.

Those dogs are born and bred to pull sleds – they love it, and their excitement is plain for all to see when their musher hooks them up to the gang-lines. Sled dogs can withstand the cold temperatures that come with this job, and have the endurance to pull sleds up to 130 kilometres a day.

Travelling across snow-covered landscape by dogsled – it doesn’t get any more Canadian than that !
And if you find yourself in Whistler, BC - dog sledding is a great way to learn about the culture !

A few things you should know before going dog sledding :
  • Although you’ll be tucked into the sled most of the time, you’ll still get cold if you don’t dress appropriately. 
  • Wear a snowsuit, winter jacket or snow pants, just like you would if you’re going skiing or snowboarding.
  • Since you’ll be rushing through snow-covered terrain, goggles are a good idea, as well as winter gloves, winter boots and a hat or earmuffs.
  • Remember to bring a camera, as these tours are invariably scenic and usually afford plenty of photo opportunities !

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