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Something New To Try This Summer - Skimboarding

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When it comes to board sports, skimboarding is a relatively unknown ( to "the general public" ) sport in large part to the fact that it is overshadowed by its big brother, surfing.

Most people know skimboarding as “that thing kids do on the sand,” but the truth is , skimboarding is not just for kids.

Skimboarding D6 SurfSkimmer At Dash Point Park

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As I wrote before we came across this cool water toy ( D6 SurfSkimmer ) a while ago, and couldn't wait to give it a try. As soon as we got it, we took it to one of Washington's most popular skimboarding spots - Dash Point State Park in Federal Way/Tacoma.

 Skimboarding is something neither me nor my son have ever tried. But from the D6 SurfSkimmer instructional video it look pretty easy : push, run, jump, ride ! Well, it wasn't that easy :(

First, I'd say that this board would probably work better for kids 8 y.o and up. Skimboarding is a fast paced sport : it requires quite some speed and stamina, something that little kids ( mine is 6 y.o ) just don't have yet.

Wave Skimboarding

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As I wrote in my previous post, there are two types of skimboarding : flatland , and wave riding.

I got to try flatland skimboarding last summer, and it was a lot of fun ! At first, it did feel a bit awkward, and even a bit embarrassing. I was the only adult at the beach skimboarding, and "the real surfers" and beach goers were giving me a stink eye. But I didn't care. It was something new to try, tons of fun, and a great cardio workout !

But recently, I got my first wave riding skimboard. Unlike flatland skimboarding, wave riding looks more difficult to master :  running full blast at the ocean, jumping onto the board, and riding out into the ocean to catch the approaching wave just before it breaks and ride it back into the shore. It's kinda like trying to skateboard on a quarterpipe that's coming right at you...A quarterpipe that, if you don't get there in time, is gonna explode right in your face.

10 Pictures To Inspire You To Try Skimboarding

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As I previously wrote skimboading is fun for all ages ! Though most people think skimming is either really boring, really dangerous, or really lame, in fact, skimboarding is a lot of fun, and a great challenge !

For fitness buffs, skimboarding is a great workout. Skimboarding is a great way to improve your endurance, build a perfect balance, challenge your core and lower body muscles.

For beach goers, skimboaridng is fun way to spend time at the beach, and to do something more active rather than just have a walk, or a picnic.

Far surfers, and kiteboarders, it's a new board sport to try when the surf is flat, or when there is no wind. 

In short, skimboarding is a universal board sport for anybody, and everybody ! It's a new "beach activity" anybody can do !

Check out the pictures below, and give skimboaridng a try !

Skimboarding - Fun For All Ages !

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This summer I finally got to try skimboarding !

As I wrote in my previous post, most people know skimboarding as “that thing kids do on the sand,” but the truth is , skimboarding is not just for kids. I have to admit, I didn't see too many adults skimming along the beach. And after the first ( dozens ) of falls I realized why :)

Skimboarding is as simple as : throw the board down, run after it, and hop on. Yet, for adults, it can be quite intimidating and frustrating.  It takes technique, balance, good hand and eye cordination, and allows little room for mistake. But once you can grasp the nack of jumping onto the skimboarding without falling you'll never loose it.

But at first, expect to wipeout a lot, nearby kids will make fun of you, and by standing adults ( quietly ) judging you. But pay no attention to naysayers and their negativity. Skimboarding is tons of fun ! Besides, it can be done anywhere there is a pool of water !

In fact, tumbling into sun-toasted water can be a pleasurable experience. Then there’s the simple joy of wiggling one’s toes in sandy flats while watching skimmers slap their boards down and race to hop on.

Like the fleeting days of summer, catch ’em while you can.

Meet Tillman : Skimboarding, Skateboarding, Snowboarding HyperActiveX Dog

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Who said animals don't love action sports ? Meet Tillman. He surfs, skates, skimboards, and snowboards ! He's the coolest dog in the world ! In 2010 the 60-pound pug set the world record for the Fastest Skateboarding Dog.

As somebody who loves to play, always happy, and doesn't talk much, he would be a perfect buddy for me to hit the beach in the summer and the slopes in winter ! Just hope he loves hot dogs and beer :)

D6 SurfSkimmer - A New Beach Toy For Your Kids

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As I've mention before, skimboarding still remains a sport to try for me. And from what I've noticed, skimboarding is mainly a sport for young and restless. Running short sprints and hopping on board takes a lot of stamina and energy. It also requires skills and practice.

Though I believe any age is a good age to start learning anything, skimboarding is more suitable for kids age 8 and up.

My boy just turned 6. He loves going to the beach, and we're always looking for fun things to do. He saw a Youtube skimboarding vidoe, and ( as always ) got all excited. But I'm not sure he's ( physically ) ready for that.

Recently, I came across a cool video that introduced D6 SurfSkimmer,  a skimboard scooter … or a “training” skimboard. Something that even a 5 year old can use.

Since he already knows how to ride a scooter, I hope riding  D6 SurfSkimmer will be easy and a total blast !

How To Skimboard

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When it comes to action sports, there are still a few that I haven't had a chance to try. And skimboarding is one of them.

I first saw skimboarding at Dash Point Park in Federal Way, a popular local spot and the place of an annual skimboarding competiotion. It looks like a lot of fun, and a great fitness workout.

From the little that I know, there are two types of skimboarding : flatland and wave-riding.

 Flatland, as you can probably guess, is practiced on flat beaches. The tricks you perform are very similar to skateboarding. Also, because this type of skimboarding doesn't "use waves" they often use rails and other objects to increase the difficulty and to have the possibility to perform a bigger variety of tricks.

When wave-riding, skimboarders use their momentum to skim out to breaking waves, which they then catch back into shore in a manner similar to surfing. Wave riding skim is considered to be more advanced than sand/flatland skim because of its difficulty. Usually flatland skim is learnt first and then you move on to wave riding.

I would love to try both types !

Check out the video below, and see if skimboarding is something you might give a try this summer...

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