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Wave Skimboarding

As I wrote in my previous post, there are two types of skimboarding : flatland , and wave riding.

I got to try flatland skimboarding last summer, and it was a lot of fun ! At first, it did feel a bit awkward, and even a bit embarrassing. I was the only adult at the beach skimboarding, and "the real surfers" and beach goers were giving me a stink eye. But I didn't care. It was something new to try, tons of fun, and a great cardio workout !

But recently, I got my first wave riding skimboard. Unlike flatland skimboarding, wave riding looks more difficult to master :  running full blast at the ocean, jumping onto the board, and riding out into the ocean to catch the approaching wave just before it breaks and ride it back into the shore. It's kinda like trying to skateboard on a quarterpipe that's coming right at you...A quarterpipe that, if you don't get there in time, is gonna explode right in your face.

Also, wave riding requires the right type of waves : you want a beach where the waves break close to shore and has a steep bank down near the water. Catching that perfect wave can be one of the most challenging feats in skimboarding. It is also the most rewarding and the biggest rush in skimboarding.

Wave skimboarding gives you the feel and rush of surfing, without paddling out, sitting in cold water, or waiting for the right wave ( for too long ).

If you are  ExtraHyperActive, don't choose between surfing and skimboarding, try both ! I found skimboarding to be a great way to raise my heart rate, squeeze in a quick cardio workout, improve my surfing skills, and stay warm between surf sessions.

If you're a beach goer, and think of surfing as something extreme, dangerous, and hard to learn, give skimboarding a try ! You won't need even a wet suit ! Learning how to skimboard can be a great new experience, tons of fun, and something to do instead of just sitting on the beach doing nothing.

If you're a parent, skimboarding could be a great new hobby to share with your kid(s). If they're too young to skimboard, buy them D6 SurfSkimmer - a cool beach toy for kids to learn a board sport !

Check out the video below to see how exciting wave skimboarding can be !

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