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Bucket List : 2023 Achievements & 2024 Goals

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Watch my 2022 Bucket List video - https://youtu.be/tuVGY_bxezQ ======================================================== Since 2009, I've been sharing my Bucket List goals and adventures on my blog hoping to use my personal example to prove that ANYBODY can achieve ANY GOALS they set for themselves ! ! - https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2015/10/my-bucket-list.html If you want to learn how to achieve YOUR GOALS, here are a few links that, hopefully, will motivate & inspire you to pursue your goals, and will help you turn your dreams into the reality : - The Importance of Setting Clear, Written Goals 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/12/the-importance-of-setting-clear-written.html - 5 Practical Tips That Guarantee To Help You Achieve Your Life Goals, and Fulfill Your Bucket List 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2020/01/5-practical-tips-that-guarantee-to-help.html - 20 Ways To Get Good Karma 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/01/20-ways-to-get-good-karma.html - Teach Yourself A New Skill 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/01/teach-yourself-new-skill-to.html - Ideas For Your Spiritual Bucket List 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/07/60-ideas-for-your-spiritual-bucket-list.html - Motivate Yourself... Or Be Miserable...The Choice Is Yours 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/02/women-this-is-how-you-get-in-shape.html - 12 Habits Standing Between You and What You Want 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/06/12-habits-standing-between-you-and-what.html - Stoked Daily: Monday Morning Motivation 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2014/11/stoked-daily-monday-morning-motivation.html - Surfing Is My Therapy 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2014/06/hyperactivex-surfing-is-my-therapy.html - Stoked Daily: Never Too Old 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2014/05/stoked-daily-never-too-old.html - 24 Things To Do Before You Turn 30 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/08/24-things-to-do-before-you-turn-30.html - Simple Life: 23 Feet Movie Trailer 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2014/01/simple-life-23-feet-movie-trailer.html - Living In Your Car Like A Bohemian ( Or A Bum ) 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/12/xhyperactive-adventures-living-in-your.html - The Salt Trail : The visual story about breaking away from the mould and following your dreams 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/09/the-salt-trail-visual-story-about.html - How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday ? 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/09/how-do-you-celebrate-your-birthday.html - From Ex-Con To Icon : The Inspiring Story Of Kali Muscles 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/05/from-ex-con-to-icon-inspiring-story-of.html - Are You At The Top ? 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/03/are-you-at-top.html - Are You Proud Of Your Job? 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2013/02/are-you-proud-of-your-job.html - Sometimes I wish I Was A Ski Bum 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/12/sometines-i-wish-i-was-ski-bum.html - Another Ordinary Day... 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/11/another-ordinary-day.html - ExtraHyperActive Great American Road Trip 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2012/06/hyperactive-great-american-road-trip.html - Depressed? See an Eco-Therapist ! 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2009/08/depressed-see-eco-therapist.html - Positive Impact Of Outdoor Adventures On Returning War Veterans 👉 https://www.extrahyperactive.com/2009/07/positive-impact-of-outdoor-adventures.html ========================================================== To learn more about the science of goal setting, and to read/watch more stories of people who've turned their dreams into the reality, please subscribe to this channel, and visit our main website !! - http://extrahyperactivenetwork.com/ ========================================================== Learn more about ExtraHyperActive Fitness here - https://www.extrahyperactivefitness.com/ ========================================================== Learn more about cryptocurrency investing & trading - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCU2mNGnPCEsPl-UCGIsa0w ========================================================== Shop for ExtraHyperActive swag, and become our PAID brand ambassador/social media influencer !! - https://www.zazzle.com/store/xhyperactive ========================================================== I wish you a happy, healthy, and wealthy 2024 !! 😃 #ExtraHyperActive #motivation #inspiration #goals #goalsetting #buecketlist

Review of 2022 & 2023 Bucket List

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Did I achieve my 2022 goals ? See for yourself here...

What are my goals/Bucket List adventures for 2023 ? Watch the video below 👇

Cable Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing at Orlando Watersports Complex

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Cable Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing at Orlando Watersports Complex

The popularity of cable wakeboarding parks has been growing since the first time we wrote about it in 2010... And Florida ranks first place in the U.S. by the number of cable wakeboarding parks, and the time they're open...

Personally, I got to try cable wakeboarding for the first time in Tampa, FL in 2011... Even though it was my second time trying out wakeboarding ( the first was wakeboarding behind a boat, and it was a bitch ! ), cable wakeboarding was much easier to learn !

This time I brought my 14 y.o son who'd never done any kind of wakeboarding, but it only took him a few runs to get used being pulled by the cable...

If you're in Orlando, FL, and want to give cable wakeboarding a try, stop by Orlando Watersports Complex that offers cable wakeboarding lessons for complete beginners...

Besides cable wakeboarding, Orlando Watersports Complex also offers water skiing, kneeboarding, and wakesurfing lessons !

Wakesurfing has been on my Bucket List for a long time, and I finally got to cross it off my list !

Their lessons come with an instructor who will help you learn fast and become better at wakeboarding/wakesurfing. They also have several different lesson packages available, so you can choose the one that meets your needs the most ! You can even get one that includes video analysis so you can see what you’re doing right or wrong while out there on your board behind the boat.

Check out the YouTube video below of our experience at Orlando Watersports Complex :

But even if you're not into "extreme sports", Orlando Watersports Complex could be a great place for the family with kids to visit !

Their Aqua Park features a modular series of interlocking climbing obstacles, pathways, slides, and features guests can jump off and swing from. This floating obstacle course allows for endless fun and activities for people of all ages and skill levels, and is a great place for birthday parties or just a day out on the lake with friends!

We think that Orlando Watersports Complex is worth a visit !! We recommend it as the best place for wakeboarding/wakesurfing/water skiing, and just plain fun in the sun with family and friends ! 

The main reason we believe it's a great place is because of its location... It's conveniently located only ~20 min away from both Orlando downtown, and Orlando's main attractions ( Disney World/Universal/Sea World ) !! 

And if you're looking for more adventures to cross off your Bucket List while visiting Florida, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we shared more of our own adventures such as :

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

And more !!

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How To Make Money With Rooftop Tents

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The first time I saw a rooftop tent I immediately fell in with that great idea !

Being ExtraHyperActive means every time you go on adventure your car turns into a mini REI store 😀

ExtarHyperActive Rooftop Tents Amazon site

As somebody who spent most of his adventure days sleeping in the car, having a rooftop tent was a huge relief !

Now I can load up my car with my outdoor gear, and can spend a night comfortably sleeping on top of my car !

Another reason I fell in love with rooftop tents was because I was sick and tired of pitching my tent (mostly) on wet ground ( I live in Washington state 😉 )... and with a rooftop tent, you just unhook the locks, and pop up the tent ! 

But the best part is that being ExtraHyperActive, I turn ALL my hobbies, and interests into a  business, or find a way to make money doing what I love !

The same goes for rooftop tents !

In the video below I share how I make money with rooftop tents ( and how YOU can do it too !! ) 

Have you been thinking about buying a rooftop tent but don't know which one to choose/which one would better fit for your car, and your travel needs ?

Check out our new blog dedicated to rooftop tents !

Looking for ways to support YOUR healthy, and adventurous lifestyle ?

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Best High Paying Amazon Affiliate Niches & Products For Outdoorsy

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Best High Paying Amazon Affiliate Niches & Products For Outdoorsy

In April 2020, Amazon drastically reduced its affiliate commission for many of its categories...

For somebody like me, who specialized in niches related to outdoor recreation and fitness, it was quite a blow  😢...

If before, Amazon affiliate & influencers used to make 5.5% commission in those categories, after April 2020 - it's only 3% 😡

That's why, nowadays, instead of wasting your time promoting low priced products, focus on products that will make you more money !!

In the video below I shared a few examples of the products that I've personally been promoting the last few years...


As I always say - it's NOT about WHAT you promote, and it's all about HOW you do it...

Creating a clear, highly targeted niche is the key !!

Most important !!

If YOU want to build a reliable passive income - 

If YOU really want to turn your passion into a profitable business ( or, at least, learn how to make some extra money on the side ! ), vist -