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Cable Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing at Orlando Watersports Complex

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Cable Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing at Orlando Watersports Complex

The popularity of cable wakeboarding parks has been growing since the first time we wrote about it in 2010... And Florida ranks first place in the U.S. by the number of cable wakeboarding parks, and the time they're open...

Personally, I got to try cable wakeboarding for the first time in Tampa, FL in 2011... Even though it was my second time trying out wakeboarding ( the first was wakeboarding behind a boat, and it was a bitch ! ), cable wakeboarding was much easier to learn !

This time I brought my 14 y.o son who'd never done any kind of wakeboarding, but it only took him a few runs to get used being pulled by the cable...

If you're in Orlando, FL, and want to give cable wakeboarding a try, stop by Orlando Watersports Complex that offers cable wakeboarding lessons for complete beginners...

Besides cable wakeboarding, Orlando Watersports Complex also offers water skiing, kneeboarding, and wakesurfing lessons !

Wakesurfing has been on my Bucket List for a long time, and I finally got to cross it off my list !

Their lessons come with an instructor who will help you learn fast and become better at wakeboarding/wakesurfing. They also have several different lesson packages available, so you can choose the one that meets your needs the most ! You can even get one that includes video analysis so you can see what you’re doing right or wrong while out there on your board behind the boat.

Check out the YouTube video below of our experience at Orlando Watersports Complex :

But even if you're not into "extreme sports", Orlando Watersports Complex could be a great place for the family with kids to visit !

Their Aqua Park features a modular series of interlocking climbing obstacles, pathways, slides, and features guests can jump off and swing from. This floating obstacle course allows for endless fun and activities for people of all ages and skill levels, and is a great place for birthday parties or just a day out on the lake with friends!

We think that Orlando Watersports Complex is worth a visit !! We recommend it as the best place for wakeboarding/wakesurfing/water skiing, and just plain fun in the sun with family and friends ! 

The main reason we believe it's a great place is because of its location... It's conveniently located only ~20 min away from both Orlando downtown, and Orlando's main attractions ( Disney World/Universal/Sea World ) !! 

And if you're looking for more adventures to cross off your Bucket List while visiting Florida, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we shared more of our own adventures such as :

Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

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Why You Should Bring Your Own Snorkeling Gear On Your Next Tropical Vacation

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best snorkeling gear near me

Love traveling, and watersports ? Don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear to your next vacation !

Here is why :

My trip to Mexico was the second time I regretted not bringing my own snorkel gear with me. My fins are old, heavy, all-rubber ones, not really comfortable for tropical diving/snorkeling ( since tropical divers do not always need wetsuit booties, many use long, full-foot light pocket fins while diving in tropical water ). Also, I wanted to travel light, and knew that most dive schools provided all the gear for their trips.

But even if you're not a diver, in places like Mexico ( Hawaii or Florida's Keys ) there are many great places where you can go snorkeling.

Of course, you can always rent a snorkeling set ( mask, snorkel and fins ), or even buy a brand new one at a local WallMart. But having you own snorkel gear means you’ll have one less thing to do when you get to your destination. In other words, you’ll be at the beach sooner instead of searching for the rental shop.

I think that if you're a frequent visitor/lover of sunny tropical places ( and love snorkeling/diving/swimming ), investing in a quality snorkel gear set is a must.

As I've mentioned above, full-foot pocket fins are lighter, and sometimes the whole snorkel set will weight about 4 lbs. A set usually comes in a convenient carrying and storage bag, that will easily fit in any suit case.

Also, before I heard people recommend bringing your own snorkel gear because of the hygiene aspect ( Mexico doesn't have the same health & safety rules that you're likely used to at home ). I don't know about you, but for me, there is just something about having your own snorkel in your mouth :) When it comes to masks, aside from the hygiene thing, pink eye can be very nasty.

And finally, the price of the snorkeling set is ( almost ) the same as the price of one (!) "snorkeling tour". So, buying and bringing your own gear will pay off even during a short tropical vacation !!

So, what is the best snorkeling gear out there ?

best snorkeling gear amazon

Should you buy your snorkeling gear from Amazon, Walmart, Costco, or eBay ?

Personally, I always recommend to buy your outdoor gear from Amazon.

Not only will you have a larger selection of choices, prices, brands, and read the snorkel gear reviews before you buy, but, the most important, after your purchase, and use, you can recommend that gear to your friends, family, and anybody else looking to buy their own snorkeling gear, and MAKE MONEY !

Below, see some of our recommendations, and choose from amongst the choices that we have tried out or from amongst the best sellers from Amazon :

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Diving With Sharks At The Florida Aquarium In Tampa Bay


Florida diving offers something for everyone, from the newbie to the most experienced divers, from coral reef diving to fresh water, wrecks, caverns, 4000 lb statue of Christ of the Abyss to ... diving at the The Florida Aquarium.

I came across this incredible adventure while looking for guided scuba diving trips around Tampa. The Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay offers two great diving adventures - Swim with the Fishes and ...Dive with the Sharks !

Diving with the great white sharks near the Neptune islands of southern Australia has been on my Bucket List since I first got my PADI Open Water certificate.

But diving with sharks at The Florida Aquarium was no less thrilling.

Visit The Dry Tortugas In Florida

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Those few months I lived in Florida have become one of my most memorable experiences of my life ! I got a taste of life after retirement in Florida :)

That was my third time visiting Florida.

The first time I had a road trip of  the lifetime, driving from Miami to Key West on the Florida Keys Overseas Highway.

Though I spent a couple days in Key West, unfortunately I didn't have time to visit Dry Tortugas National Park which was on my Bucket List of places "to visit before I die" :).

Located just 70 miles west of Key West, the park is a beautiful historical landmark and a wildlife refuge like no other. The Tortugas Islands also offer some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the entire United States with the coral reef just feet from the white sandy shores of the islands.

This is one of the few places I'm definitely coming back to !

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Dive Minnow Caves, Key Largo, FL

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True what they say : "There is a whole new world down there ! " I beat myself up every day for not being able to go scuba diving while in Florida :(

Well, that's what my Bucket List is for...

If you are a recreational diver or just thinking about trying our scuba diving, I recommend adding "Scuba diving in Florida" to your Bucket List !

Minnow Cave is one of the best-known coral caves in the Florida Keys, and is home to many of the namesake species. The cave is part of the Northern Dry Rocks, which is a shallow reef with depths up to fifteen feet. The reef is smaller than the Key Largo Dry Rocks but offers everything except for the well-known Christ of the Deep statue. However, divers may prefer this site if they are not particularly interested in the statue and are looking for a less populated location.

 The filtered sunlight and shallow depth also makes this a great spot for snorkeling. Divers at this site will be amazed by the slick movements of the glass minnows that hover around the opening to the cave. Groupers and great barracuda are also commonly seen here. Divers who choose to explore crevices will find Florida's spiny lobster hiding away. This is a great dive for those looking to avoid heavy traffic but still experience a beautiful location.

The reef is marked off by three mooring buoys with the letter "N" inscribed upon them. This area contains a .05 square nautical mile Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) which is marked by yellow buoys.

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Paddling The Hillsborough River, FL

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The Hillsborough River flows 54 miles from its head waters in the Green Swamp to its mouth in Hillsborough Bay, a portion of Tampa Bay, Florida's largest open-water estuary. From nearly pristine conditions, the river winds its way to Tampa Bay through rural, suburban, and urban settings.

My first introduction to SUPing in Florida happened on  the Hillsborough River where I enjoyed paddling my board to the heart of Tampa.

I also happen to live right across from Lettuce Lake Park  in Temple Terrace. Located at the north edge of Tampa, Lettuce Lake Park protects 240 acres along the Hillsborough River, providing a getaway for hikers, bicyclists, runners, and  all types of paddlers ( kayakers, canoeists, and of course paddleboarders ).

On one of the beautiful sunny days, I decided to go on a short adventure paddle along the river.

For the most part the Hillsborough is what is known as a dark or black water river. The water is stained reddish-brown by the tannic acid (the same thing that gives iced tea that reddish-brown color). It comes from the decaying leaves and other vegetation in the swamp.

The Hillsborough River has been favorably compared to the Amazon and the Florida Everglades as one of the great places to view wildlife. The Hillsborough River was chosen by "Canoe and Kayak Magazine" as one of "North America's Best Close to Home Paddling Adventures" in its May 1995 issue.

The River astounded me with its beauty and abundant wildlife. This would be a great trip for wildlife watchers, families, and those seeking the serenity of the outdoors.

TIP:  The above mentioned Lettuce Lake Park offers canoe rentals ( year round ), and nearby University of South Florida Campus Recreation has canoes, kayak, and paddleboards for rent.

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Kiteboarding Skyway Backside Beach, Tampa Bay, FL

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....beginning of November, and I'm still new to the area, and still looking for places to go kiteboarding, and people to go with...

...this morning I finally came across a group of people at Skyway Backside "beach"... the area is pretty decent for a beginner like me...though the launching area is relatively small ( especially with many people on the beach ), I had no problem launching my kite...Water level is knee deep, so I wasn't too concerned about getting stuck somewhere in the middle...

...a few people expressed their concerns about me flying my 2005 "C" kite...I have to admit, it's a bitch to relaunch it, and when the wind is gusty, it gets harder to control it...

...so, I guess, it's time for me to upgrade my gear...

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Back To Mc'Cormick's Cable Waterski, Wakeboard, and Cable Park, FL

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Last year, during my visit to Tampa, FL, I had a a lot of fun trying out cable wakeboarding for the first time !

This time, I invited my friend to join me. He's a complete beginner. As a matter of fact, he's never been on any board before. Zero skills, zero experience.

As I wrote before, the park has two areas : the main cable and Lil Bro, made for less experienced/beginners and/or younger riders. This is the best place to learn how to ride on a wakeboard if you've never been on one before.

It literally took him less than an hour to learn the basics. He told me that before he had tried to wakeboard behind a boat, and couldn't even pop up. After less than an hour of lessons at the cable park, he could pop up, ride, edge, and was ready for the main cable.

Two hours of riding was more than enough for us to get a great workout and have tons of fun !

So if you've never tried wakeboarding before, or failed wakeboarding behind a boat, try cables. It's easier, cheaper, and more fun !

Riding The Waves Of Hurricane Sandy

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Florida is an interesting place to be a surfer. According to locals, the surf here usually sucks. The west coast is flat about ninety percent of the year, and the east coast is fickle even with a category 3 hurricane hovering off the coast.

...but not this year...

The Megastorm, the Frankenstorm, or the Snowicane, or just plain old Sandy is coming to the East Coast. The rare mix is the result of Hurricane Sandy, a Category 2 storm now hitting the Caribbean, an unusually early winter storm coming from the West and a fierce Arctic air coming from the North. Those air masses are now predicted to combine with each other — right over the country’s most populated and developed stretch of real estate, including New York City.

If certain conditions come together to create the perfect storm, Hurricane Sandy could be a historic storm...

But  Sandy's greatest impact to the Tampa Bay are winds up to 50 mph, and ....shoulder high waves !

And as many die hard surfers say : " "On days when the surf is good, nothing else matters " ...

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SUPing At Sunset Beach, In Tarpon Springs, FL

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Not on your average tourist's radar, Sunset Beach juts into the gulf at the end of Gulf Road in Tarpon Springs. It's nearly a perfect spot to sit in the shade of the palm trees gently swaying in the breeze and watch the sunset.

This is the perfect beach to go to if you want to escape the crowds. True to its name, it is a spectacular place to view sun setting into the Gulf of Mexico.

Apparently, this beach is also popular among paddleboarders, and kite surfers.  In "winter months" ( are there "winter months" in Florida ? :)), the wind is nice and steady, enough area to launch your kite, and super safe for beginner kiters ( it's shallow, so even if you get stuck, you can always just get up and walk back to the beach ).

I took my Stand Up Paddle Board /windsurfer for a short evening session. I had a lot of fun, and the sunset was breathtaking !!!

Surfing and Ocean SUPing Cocoa Beach, FL

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Just because it's Florida, you can't automatically assume that one of the most popular outdoor activities here is surfing. Florida's west coast/Gulf of Mexico is never going to be a world class surf-producing machine. The continental shelf saps power and the limited fetch reduces the swell period.

However Florida's Atlantic coastline is home to some quality surf spots, but unfortunately the swells it gets are pretty small and inconsistent.

One of the most epic surf spots here is Cocoa Beach, home to six-time World Champion Kelley Slater and Ron Jons. The latter is the founder of the world famous Ron Jons Surf Shop with their Cocoa Beach location being the largest surfing shop in the world !

That's where I was planning to rent a longboard. But since I've never had a chance to surf a SUP, I went with a 11'6 South Point Dave Kalama Model SUP.

And I didn't regret....

The waves at Cocoa Beach are pretty...mellow...which makes it a good choice for longboarders.... and even better for paddleboaders !

If you've never surfed in your life, make your first time surfing on a SUP instead of a longboard. Highly recommended !

Comparing to a longboard, popping up and keeping your balance on a SUP while riding a wave is extremely easy.

On the downside, paddling while trying to catch a wave was...very frustrating....

It took me a while to realize that you can't surf a wave facing forward. You need to change to a sideways surfing stance. Also, unlike surfers who can catch waves late on their short boards, you need to catch the wave before it breaks.

Catching waves on a SUP will take a few sessions and a lot of wipeouts to get the hang of, and a lifetime to truly master, but wave-riding is one of the best experiences you can have on your SUP.

It is hard to explain why catching a wave on a 10-11' board is such a buzz and the only way to find out is to do it! Though, the swell here is no better than at our local Westport, still, there is something about surfing/paddling in Florida - they don't call it the Sunshine State for nothing!


Cable Wakeboarding is the Future of Wakeboarding

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Ironically, my first introduction to cable wakeboarding was through a Youtube video about the Orlando Watersports Complex Cable Park. I didn't know that a year later I'd get to try cable wakeboarding in Florida.

I was looking for kiteboarding lessons in/around Tampa, FL when I was referred to McCormick's Waterski Wakeboard and Cable Park.

Though, Central Florida is a phenomenal location for the growing sport of
kiteboarding, June thru Sept the wind is very inconsistent, and lessons are not taught during the summer months for this reason.

Many kiteboarders use this time to practice with a trainer kite or work on their wakeboarding skills.

I wrote before that cable wakeboarding was less expensive than boat wakeboarding. Now I can add that cable wakeboarding is much easier to try/learn.

As you might have heard before it takes an average of 3 attempts, before you can get up on the board. Remembering my first experience, I was really worried about being out of my league.

The park has two cables – the main cable and Lil Bro, made for less experienced and/or younger riders. This is the best place to learn how to ride on a wakeboard if you have never been on one before.

Though I'd only been on a wakeboard once before, it was super easy to pop up with a cable. After just 2 rides I was ready to move on to the main cable.

The main cable holds up to five riders at a time and runs clockwise around a man-made lake with numerous sliders and kickers of almost every size and shape along the way.

My only concern was falling down far away from the starting dock . Then you would have to swim to the shore, and walk back to the dock.

You can rent everything from the shop ( board, helmet,vest) or bring your own gear. They offer two types of boards - slider and non-slider wakeboards. The main difference is that you can't use non-slider wakeboards on obstacles.

Cable wakeboarding is convenient, safe, affordable and a great work out ! Many action sports enthusiasts ( skiers/snowboarders/surfers/kiteboarders/skaters...) as well as other people who like new challenges and experiences will greatly benefit from cable wakeboarding.

With more and more people discovering cable wakeboarding, and more cable parks being build around US, it has a terrific future!

I's compare cable wakeboarding to skiing/snowboarding. With the growing popularity of skiing and snowboarding came a greater number of ski resorts. We can expect the same for cable wakeboarding.

Because more and more people are finally discovering its many efficiencies and environmental advantages, the market potential for construction of more cable parks around the world, particularly in the United States is absolutely huge!

Visit Abandoned Rocket Factory in the Everglades

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I came across this "attraction" while researching "things to do/see" in Everglades National Park.

While on the east side of Florida ( Daytona Beach ), I was really hoping to visit Kennedy Space Center, but this abandoned rocket factory in the Florida Everglades known as Aerojet-Dade, sounded a lot more appealing and mystique ( not to mention it's free ).

In the 1960s the Aerojet company was considered as the possible supplier of solid-fuel rocket motors to be used as primary power plants for the Saturn I space booster.

The short version is that NASA never did use Aerojet when the Apollo space mission decided to go with liquid fuel instead of the solid fuel. The Aerojet eventually gave up on its plant and sold the land to the State of Florida, which holds it to this day as a nature preserve. Most of the original buildings associated with the plant, and some of the machinery, appear to be still there, albeit in decrepit condition.

The factory is accessible, though the last couple of miles of the access road are closed to motor vehicles, so if you want to visit you have to bicycle or walk part of the way. There are a few houses nearby, and people come to bird watch or to fish in the canal that parallels the road, but the place is essentially deserted once you get past the no-motor-vehicles-beyond-this-point sign.