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This year the weather spoiled us with unusual for Northwest high temperatures and lots of sun.The summer arrived earlier this year, and according to a radio announcement I heard recently, we had the hottest Memorial Day weekend over the past 40 years.
With the temperature in high 70, going hiking or bike riding wasn't very appealing to me. Looked like the only appropriate activity for such hot weather would be something on the water. Having done kayaking and rafting, I wanted to try something new.

Wakeboarding has displaced water skiing in many areas of the U.S. as wakeboarding is seen as hip and trendy akin to snowboarding and skateboarding on the water.Though I was told that water skiing was a bit easier for beginners to master than wakeboarding.Popping up (getting up) is difficult for new riders to learn as the physics of the board riding above the water is opposite of what the rider anticipates (i.e. the rider pulls against the boat like he/she is on skis rather than allow the boat to pull the rider up over the board). Turning is also difficult for someone not accustomed to a board, as skiing involves the rider favoring one side of the skis to turn where else on a board the rider has to maintain and transition the edge of the board in the water or else wipe out from a caught edge.

If I was an instructor I would brake wakeboarding roughly in three stages: popping/standing up,riding the board and falling.

As I was told, it takes an average of 3 attempts, before you can get up on the board.I wasn't the exception. After three failed attempts I finally figured out the "know-how" of popping up. In my defence I can note that a boat driver can make or brake a beginner. It's important ( at least it was for me ) to get the feeling of being dragged behind the boat , before you stand up.

Once you are up, maintaining your balance is your next challenge.Though I found wakeboarding and snowboarding very similar, being dragged behind a boat at 25 mph was a bit intimidating at first.

But the scariest part ( again, for me ) was falling. Having asked about proper technique on falling, I was told " Just let it go ". Probably the right thing to do.
Though to me, it looked like slowing down the boat would be an easier ( and less intimidating ) way.

After just about 30 or so minutes , I felt exhausted, out of breath,every muscle in my body ached. Yet, it was a lot of fun, challenge and great memorable experience.

If you are thnking about trying out wakeboarding this summer, check out this site or better , get out and play.

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