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Another Ordinary Day...

Another ordinary day... a few more and you'll have an ordinary life

As a famous German writer Wolfgang von Goethe once said-  "A man can stand almost anything except a succession of ordinary days."

I'm pretty sure I can stand a succession  of ordinary days and have an ordinary life... as long as my life is not filled with stress, anxiety, worry, things I hate to do, and people I can't stand to be around ...

People have different views on what makes one's life ordinary and other extraordinary.
But it's not about making your life extraordinary, it's about making YOURSELF EXTRAORDINARY.

If you think of yourself as just another ordinary person, then remember that every great person in history and living was once considered to be ordinary as well just like you. They shifted from being ordinary people into extraordinary ones by doing things that were different and against the comfort of conformity and helpless acceptance.

 And as Jimmy Johnson once said :

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