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Teach Yourself A New Skill

"The amount of money that comes to you is dependent on the value you add to yourself."
I'm not sure if Jyoti Raju heard this expression or not, but that's exactly what this guy did. A man who taught himself rock climbing and acrobatics to escape poverty in India to become so accomplished he's been given the title "The Monkey King."

He started climbing 4 years ago when he hit rock bottom. Unable to make ends meet he considered throwing himself off a cliff. Instead, he climbed it.

Invest in yourself. Add value to you. Learning doesn’t stop with your formal education. Continue to read, take classes, and invest in your talents. Your talent is your best asset. It is portable and it can’t be taxed or confiscated.

Invest in yourself; invest time and money ! When you enrich yourself, you can feel yourself grow and will feel better about yourself. It contributes to your happiness.

Should you choose to become an entrepreneur, the asset that is your talent is transferable. When you invest in yourself, your understanding of your corporate business environment improves. You are better positioned to run your own business. You not only know what you know, but more importantly, you know more of what you don’t know and will have the mindset to hire people to help you, rather than try to carry the entire load yourself. You will see hiring help as an investment, not an expense.

Your  knowledge will help you develop new ideas for your business and will increase your chances of financial success.

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