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Something New To Try This Summer - Skimboarding

When it comes to board sports, skimboarding is a relatively unknown ( to "the general public" ) sport in large part to the fact that it is overshadowed by its big brother, surfing.

Most people know skimboarding as “that thing kids do on the sand,” but the truth is , skimboarding is not just for kids.

My first introduction to skimbording happened last summer at Dash Point Park, a popular skimboarding spot and the host of the annual Dashboards Skimboards competition .

At first glance it didn't look too exciting : you throw a skimboard on the sand when there is just a little bit of water and skim along the top of the sand or ride it into a breaking wave:

But what caught my attention was the fitness part of this board sport : what you have to do is sprint as fast as you can, then throw the board down and jump on it.

For an hour or less, you might end up doing a lot of these short sprints. It’s a perfect interval workout. Also, skimboarding is a great way to build a perfect balance, challenge your core and lower body muscles.

Skimboarding could be a great way to introduce your kids to board sports. Because it's relatively low impact, skimboarding might be safer that other board sports like snowboarding or surfing.

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