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D6 SurfSkimmer - A New Beach Toy For Your Kids

As I've mention before, skimboarding still remains a sport to try for me. And from what I've noticed, skimboarding is mainly a sport for young and restless. Running short sprints and hopping on board takes a lot of stamina and energy. It also requires skills and practice.

Though I believe any age is a good age to start learning anything, skimboarding is more suitable for kids age 8 and up.

My boy just turned 6. He loves going to the beach, and we're always looking for fun things to do. He saw a Youtube skimboarding vidoe, and ( as always ) got all excited. But I'm not sure he's ( physically ) ready for that.

Recently, I came across a cool video that introduced D6 SurfSkimmer,  a skimboard scooter … or a “training” skimboard. Something that even a 5 year old can use.

Since he already knows how to ride a scooter, I hope riding  D6 SurfSkimmer will be easy and a total blast !

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