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Skimboarding D6 SurfSkimmer At Dash Point Park

As I wrote before we came across this cool water toy ( D6 SurfSkimmer ) a while ago, and couldn't wait to give it a try. As soon as we got it, we took it to one of Washington's most popular skimboarding spots - Dash Point State Park in Federal Way/Tacoma.

 Skimboarding is something neither me nor my son have ever tried. But from the D6 SurfSkimmer instructional video it look pretty easy : push, run, jump, ride ! Well, it wasn't that easy :(

First, I'd say that this board would probably work better for kids 8 y.o and up. Skimboarding is a fast paced sport : it requires quite some speed and stamina, something that little kids ( mine is 6 y.o ) just don't have yet.

When it comes to skimboarding, the conditions also play a very important role. Although skimboarding can be performed in many locations, with varying conditions the same principal applies when picking your skim spot in all areas. You are looking for a firm, even, surface that is smooth with about 1/2" of water covering it. This area should not have any obstructions such as rocks, sticks, shells or anything else that could cause damage to you or your.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at  Dash Point Park the conditions were less than perfect :  high tide, lots of seaweed, and derbies...

On the plus side, D6 SurfSkimmer is big enough for even an adult ( up to 170 lbs ) to enjoy it :)
I borrowed it from my son to catch a few short but exciting runs !

Without the removable bar, D6 SurfSkimmer can be used just like a "regular" skimboard.
We would definitely add this board to our quiver of adventure toys like  Yamaha Snow Slope-slider, Ritz snow-scooter, and other fun toys.

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