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Snow Tubing At Summit At Snoqualmie

If you are looking for good old fashioned wintertime fun, you have got to head straight to Summit at Snoqualmie's tubing center ! It's a great place for an epic winter adventure !

Located across from Summit Central, snow tubing is fun-filled, carefree way for family and friends to enjoy the exhilaration of sliding on snow !

Snow Tubing is such a blast for all members of the family - and best of all, no experience is necessary! You are guaranteed to have awesome time !

Though, I've been the Summit's employee for more than several years now, I've never had a chance to check out their Tubing Center. Mostly because I've always thought it was a place for kids to have fun, and till recently my son was too young for that.

I was surprise to see not only teenage kids, but also many adults. Personally, if it wasn't for my son, I'd be kind of embarrassed to be there. "Tubing" is definitely not a sport and doesn't require any skills, and doesn't offer any challenges. But it's 100% fun with zero effort: enjoy all the fun of zooming down the perfectly carved lanes and relax on the moving rope tow as it conveys you and your tube back to the top.

Unlike skiing, where you can just buy a ticket and go, Tubing Center has specific "sessions", which last about 2 hours each. There is also a slight price change depending on the time of the day ( from $19 early in the day - $22 on weekends ). Check out prices and more details here.

I'd recommend to catch later sessions after 3pm; lines are shorter, and "night tubing" is more fun.

Kids under 4 are required to ride with an adult, and personally for me it took a few runs to feel comfortable in a small tube with my son, but for him it was a perfect fit :)

NOTE: Sledding and tubing is not allowed anywhere else at Summit Central. Which kind of sucks...So, while waiting for your session to kill time, have fun and actually learn something - try snowskating !

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