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Create A FREE Professionally Looking Travel & Fitness Blog With Blogger.com

In my previous video about "4 Free Blogging Platforms" to start a fitness & travel blog, I mentioned a very popular , and free blogging platform - blogger.com

Blogger.com is a free publishing tool that offers free templates, widgets, and can integrate every possible tool provided by Google. It's beginner friendly, very easy to use, and to customize, but most important - it's absolutely free ! If you want to start a fitness & travel blog for absolutely free, you won't need a domain name, pay for hosting, or for anything extra.

When you start a free blog on  blogger.com, your blog is hosted by Google at a subdomain of blogspot.com ( something like www.myblog.blogspot.com )

But you can also purchase your own domain name from sites like GoDaddy.com, and have your own domain name (like www.example.com). You can have up to 100 blogs per account !

Blogger allows its users to choose from various free templates and then customize them. Users may also choose to create their own templates using CSS ( coding language ).

Unlike another popular blogging platform WordPress.com ( the free version ) that doesn't allow ANY type of monetization, Google encourages its blogger.com users to start making money right from the start !

Blogger supports Google's AdSense service as a way of generating revenue from running a blog. Blogger also started integration with Amazon Associates in December 2009, as a service to generate revenue. You can also place third party ads directly on your blog. They ways to make money with Blogger are abundant !

Despite of all these awesome features, many "professional online marketers and bloggers", look down on this platform, and consider it to be just for "amateurs". They can't really tell you why, but insist you should use WordPress.org ( self-hosted version that you'll have to pay for ). Why do they say that ? Well, guess what ? Because they make money by referring you to domain registrar and hosting services ( I'll talk about that in my next video ).

If we leave "techie" stuff out, their main concern is that most blogs on Blogger "don't look professional". Well, they are partly right. But not all blogs on Blogger are created equal. 

Watch the video below, and see for yourself what makes a blog look professional : 

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