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When The Ski Season Is Over : 8 Snow Activities To Do At Your Local Ski Area

Just because the lifts stopped running, doesn't mean the snow season is over. Well into the spring, there is still plenty of snow in the mountains, crowds are gone, and the weather and the snow conditions are sometimes better than during the winter months.

Below are 8 snow activities that you can do at your local ski area :

1 - Sledding/Tubing

Usually, during the ski season, sledding/tubing is not allowed at most ski resorts (  to avoid collisions with skiers/boarders ). But when the season is over, nobody can stop you ! There are a few well groomed cat tracks that you can hike upon, or just make your own path !

2 - Snowskating

Haven't tried snowskating yet ?! In short, snowskating is like skateboarding on snow. A snowskate has a skateboard-like deck, and and a big ski underneath. Unlike a snowboard, it doesn't have bindings, and you don't need any special footwear/boots. It's very light to carry uphill, and the ride down is a blast !

3 - Alpine Touringit

Alpine (or ski ) touring combines walking/hiking uphill using specifically designed bindings that free your heels, and skins ( removable pieces of fabric that allow the skis to glide forward, but not back ). On the way down, you remove the skins, secure your bindings, and ski downhill just like on regular alpine skis ! 

Just like with sledding/tubing, ski touring during the busy ski season is not allowed at most ski areas, but once the ski area stops its operations, you can hike right up the familiar slopes ! Usually, ski touring is done in the backcountry, but skiing at your local ski area in the after-season, is the easiest and safest way.

4 - Snowshoeing and...Glissading !

Spring is a great time for snowshoeing !  And again, the slopes of your ski area can be a great ( and safe ! ) place to explore ! And if you  want to make things more fun, instead of walking downhill, try to glissade. You can do it the old fashioned way - on your butt, or...

5 - Airboarding !

Airboard is an inflatable, boogie board-like sled. Climb uphill, and then fly downhill facedown on an airboard ! They are lightweight and easy to maneuver. You can carve perfect turns as you cruise down the mountain.

Here is a tip : If you can find an airboard, use an inflatable mattress or a kneeboard !

6 - Snowbiking

Snowbiking is growing in popularity every year ! There are two types of "snowbiking":

- Downhill snowbiking is the winter sports version of summer mountain biking and BMX stunt biking, but the bike is built differently. You’ll find skis or boards where the tires should be. And snowbikes don't have pedals. If you enjoy skiing and biking, downhill snowbiking can be a great combination for you !

- "Fatbiking"

A fat-bike is similar to a mountain bike with  a larger fork and  over-sized inflatable tires that are designed for riding on soft unstable terrain such as snow and sand. Fatbikes were invented for winter trail riding and racing in sub-arctic Alaska and simultaneously, for touring the deserts of New Mexico. Their utility has expanded to include all forms of cycling; they thrive in snow, sand, desert, bogs and mud as well as riding what is considered normal mountain biking.

7 - Snow Camping

For some people winter camping is a bit too extreme. But in the spring, when the temperature goes down, but the beauty of the winter is still there, camping in the snow can be fun and adventurous ! During the ski season, the area designated for RV's is usually full, but during off-season, it's yours to pitch a tent ! Right at the foot of your favorite mountain !

8 - Just have fun !

Spring in the mountains is my favorite time ! It's warm, sunny, less crowded, and more enjoyable just to be in this outdoors. Your kids might not get excited about skiing, but I guarantee you they'll love playing in the snow !

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