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What Is Wakesurfing ?

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Being ExtraHyperActive, I have tried a lot of outdoor activities/sports over the past few years. Yet, there are a few that I still hope to try ! And wake surfing is one of them.

Bucket List Idea : Try Bouldering

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If you've ever wanted to try rock climbing, I'd recommend to start with  bouldering. Bouldering is an excellent way to introduce beginners to rock climbing. It requires minimal equipment, it’s safe and there isn’t the distraction of ropework or fear of heights.

Bouldering is climbing without a rope on boulders, cliffs or indoor climbing walls where a fall is unlikely to result in injury.

The definition of bouldering is broad, as bouldering can mean different things to different people. It can be about pushing limits and climbing hard, getting outdoors with friends and having fun, discovering new problems or training for route climbing.

Winter Night River Surfing In Munich

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I've already written about Munich , Germany as, allegedly, a birth place of river surfing. The landlocked city boasts some of Europe’s best waves. Located in Munich's Englischer Garten Park, the Eisbach wave is probably the most watched and surfed wave in the world. It’s literally surfed 24/7 all months of the year and is located under a road bridge on Prinzregentenstra├če.

HyperActiveX Porn - Slednecks

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Once you figure out what sets you free, you're way beyond the point of no return... 

See the video here

The Beauty Of Fly Fishing

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In my previous post I wrote about my personal experience learning about fly fishing with Tenkara rod, a simplified Japanese method of fly-fishing where only a rod, line and fly are used.

The Salt Trail : The visual story about breaking away from the mould and following your dreams.

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In my previous post I wrote about my personal experience with surfing in my life, and how it affects my body and my soul. As soon as I finished writing, I came across an AMAZING video that beautifully shows what surfing is all about :

"This is a visual story about splashing some color into your lives, by opening your eyes, breaking away from the mould and following your dreams. As wave sliders, we are inspired by waves to travel the globe in search of perfect waves but the deeper you look and the further you go, you realize that its not about finding that perfect slide...its about the people you meet and what you find along the way and how these experiences change you deep within."

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Feel Like A Kid Again : Epic Trike Drifting

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...as a kid I never knew the excitement of riding a trike... As a grownup I've never imagined trike drifting can be so epic...

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Not Your Usual Dream Job: Sewer Diver

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When was the last time you said, "I love my job! " ?
Many scuba diving professionals, especially those that work on some exotic island or beautiful beachfront location, get to say it all the time. There is nothing better than being a scuba diver, a career that affords you beautiful weather around the year, adventures of a lifetime, and a chance to share the excitement with others.

Unless, you are a sewer diver...

We all balk at the thought of being dropped into water containing raw sewage, because the mere idea of it disgusts us. How could anybody be expected to freely enter such a world of filth and contamination?  This is a job that simply has to be done,  and a few brave souls are willing to do it.

Meet a man with perhaps the world's most disgusting job ... and he loves it.

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Spear Hunting On One Breath

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Spear fishing and ( may be ) free-diving are among a few new adventures I added to my Bucket List.

While for somebody like me, those are just adventures, for some people around the world, fishing still remains the main way to provide for themselves and their families.

 For example, the Bajau people of South-East Asia live in stilt houses and fish underwater. Sometimes known as the sea gypsies of Malaysia and Indonesia, they are renowned natural freedivers. Traditionally, they are born, live and die at sea, and fish by diving 20m (more than 65ft) underwater for minutes at a time on one breath.

Below is an amazing video of a Bajau fisherman who free-divers to 20 meters to catch a fish.

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The Best Best Way To ( Literally ) Dump Your (Wimpy) Girlfriend

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... you're adventurous, you live your life on the edge, you're always up for a new experience, and would love to share the stoke with your girlfriend !

.... but she's just not into that "extreme stuff"...

"How about a movie  and a dinner instead ?" - she asks..."Not this time, babe...not this time"...

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Snowmobile + Kite = SuperStoke

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... people never cease to amaze me ! I mean, when you watch Youtube videos like "People Are Awesome", it's crazy what we, as human beings, are capable of !

Sometime it seems like our physical, mental, and creative capabilities are limitless !

... I mean, who would ever thought of using a kiteboarding kite with ...a snowmobile !

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Sometimes I wish I Was A Ski Bum

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For the past 4 years I've been reading and following many people who decided to dedicate their lives to pursue their dreams. Their stories are a true inspiration for me. Every time I read or watch such a story, I wish I could find that courage, passion, and dedication in me.

 Recently, I came across a beautiful video about a group of friends traveling in tiny RV-style hand built home visiting the great ski areas across North America. They took the house all over the western United States and into Canada, over 9000 miles. Below is an amazing video that shows how the project started and how the timy house was built.

Last year, on my Bucket List I added " Buy a trailer and live for at least 2 months as a "digital nomad". This video inspired me to start a new category "Trailer/Campers/Simple Living" where I will post stories and pictures of people who decided to challenge norms, do what they love in the outdoors, and enjoy life !

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... since I'm gonna spend this winter in Florida, chances are, it will be another year I won't get to try air-boarding... well, may be next time, I'll go straight for heli-airboarding !

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“I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining”

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After watching this South Park episode, I'd have to agree, ziplinning sucks...
"It was like having the life sucked out of you. That's all it is, sliding down a cable."

I've also realized what exactly was turning me off so much about "guided tours" -
“The brain has to work overtime acting nice and pretending to care about people on the tour.”

Best Climbing Video Ever ! 22 ...months old climber !

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There is a talent in every kid. If you encourage them to think creatively, and let them have at it, you will help them unleash their hidden talents.

Many parents do not feel they have the abilities or tools to raise happy, healthy, and successful children. In their minds, children are either born with or without special talents. They give up on their children before they even begin.

Recognizing the traits of a superstar will help parents to lead their children on a path to success and leadership. Children are not born superstars; they are molded and trained to become special.

Below is an example of ( in my opinion ) great parenting. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your child's world is conducive to exploration. When parents constantly say "Don't do that" or "Stay away from this," children learn to be timid and fearful of the unknown. Kids love to explore; it's an essential part of how they learn. Children who get lots of positive feedback from their parents as they explore new things will go on to grab life by the horns.

I'm sure this kid will !

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Minnesota Surfing : Lake Superior In A Blizzard !

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You read it right - surfing... in Minnesota... in a blizzard...

Many people think one's got to be crazy to surf in the Pacific Ocean when water temperature is barely 50 degrees. But can you imagine surfing in the middle of winter, during blizzard ?

Lake Superior is the largest of the five Great Lakes of North America, and is one of the world’s most unlikely surfing scenes. Unlike the ocean, there are no noticeable tides or substantial currents in Lake Superior. Its waves are hard to predict.

“You have to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice", said Bob Tema, 44, a graphic designer from Minneapolis and founder of the Superior Surf Club (www.superiorsurfclub.com), which has a forum, photo galleries and a section on how to surf on Lake Superior.

This is definitely the place for the most dedicated :

Also, check out "Unsalted", a great film about the surfers who have made surfing these stormy waters a way of life for over 40 years.

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Add "extreme" to your next tubing trip

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So, last year I had a chance to try out tubing at the Summit at Snoqualmie.

It was lot's of fun for my 4 year old, but barely OK for me. Though I don't consider myself to be an adrenaline junkie, I need more than 30 seconds "to get my thrill on".

This video below is an example how something as boring as tubing can become pretty extreme: