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Best Climbing Video Ever ! 22 ...months old climber !

There is a talent in every kid. If you encourage them to think creatively, and let them have at it, you will help them unleash their hidden talents.

Many parents do not feel they have the abilities or tools to raise happy, healthy, and successful children. In their minds, children are either born with or without special talents. They give up on their children before they even begin.

Recognizing the traits of a superstar will help parents to lead their children on a path to success and leadership. Children are not born superstars; they are molded and trained to become special.

Below is an example of ( in my opinion ) great parenting. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your child's world is conducive to exploration. When parents constantly say "Don't do that" or "Stay away from this," children learn to be timid and fearful of the unknown. Kids love to explore; it's an essential part of how they learn. Children who get lots of positive feedback from their parents as they explore new things will go on to grab life by the horns.

I'm sure this kid will !

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