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Freighter Wave Surfing In Seattle

As I wrote in my previous post, I discovered "surfing" right in the heart of Seattle ! Well, almost...

Shilshole Bay Marina in Ballrad  is only 20 minutes from downtown Seattle. Located on Puget Sound, the marina affords direct access to one of the finest salt-water sailing basins in the world. Shilshole's stunning setting and convenient saltwater location make all types of boating fun !

Shilshole Bay has long been popular among sea and recreational kayakers, windsurfers, and now, paddlebaorders.

But it wasn't until recently, the place has become an alternative destination for local paddle surfers who found it frustrating to drive 3 hours to the coast.

Of course not every die-hard surfer considers catching freighter and tug boat waves to be "real surfing".
"Those are not waves, they are bumps" they say...Well, whatever you call them, I'll take an hour of catching "bumps" over 3 hour drive to the coast any time !

Though, the waves were only knee high, they were pretty clean ( not foamy like at Westport or Neah Bay ), and consistent !

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