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Ski AND Surf Lake Tahoe

Surfing Lake Tahoe

Recently, I read it somewhere that Lake Tahoe had been ranked the No. 1 ski destination for the 2010-2011 season. I can't comment on that since I've never been to Lake Tahoe, but can say one thing: if I ever make it there it's not going to be ( just ) skiing...

Powerful Pacific storms and Lake Tahoe's location high in the mountains can generate pretty serious winds, and 50 mph gusty winds can cause some serious windswell on the lake. Though unbearably and painfully cold ( about 40-50 degrees ), the water is incredibly clear and fresh. The gale force winds can kick up 3 to 5 foot waves that eerily resemble typical ocean swells.

According to the locals, one of the best places to surf the lake is at the North Shore near Incline Village or King’s Beach where there is more sand and less rocks.

So next time you are at Lake Tahoe, bring/rent/borrow a board and just jump in. Even if the lake is smooth as a tabletop, do it for the sake of saying : " I surfed Lake Tahoe "... Stoke is stoke where ever you are.

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