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REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air Hammock For Hiking, Backpacking, & Camping

REI Quarter Dome Air Review

If you loved REI's Quarter Dome tent, you'll love REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air Hammock !

A minimalist alternative to a tent, the REI Quarter Dome Air hammock packs light, sets up easy and provides a structured, open sleeping area up off the ground with a stowable bug net for protection.
This 1-person new backcountry hammock from REI combines elements of both tent and traditional hammock design.

The REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock features rigid poles at the two ends of the hammock’s bathtub-like floor, which creates a nearly rectangular sleeping area (23″ x 81″). Its also has zip-door entry in the bug-proof (and very tent-like) mesh top of the hammock, which creates a perfectly seamless and smooth floor surface for sleeping. (In bug-free conditions you can just flip the hammock over to hide the mesh underneath and sleep out in the open).

The main appeal of this innovative product ?

According to REI - "You can pitch a comfortable, sleep-worthy hammock in far more places than a tent !"

REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air Hammock For Hiking, Backpacking, & Camping

REI has thought of all the little touches that make hammock camping more enjoyable such as: 

  • hanging loops
  • tension locks
  • side pockets
  • stake bag integrated into the stuff sack
  • and even drip line cords

Our main tip on how to use REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock :
- usa a sleeping pad to make the hammock feel a little wider, warmer, and more comfortable !

REI Co-op Quarter Dome Air Hammock review

All in all :  This is a great option for hikers, campers, and short-distance backpacker, and/or anyone looking to experiment with a hammock over a tent.

Cons : ( from my point of view ), with $219 price tag, it's a big heavy... But again, if you're a "die-hard REI fan", and/or a hard core hiker/backpacker/camper who appreciates great quality, and comfort, then the price might be the last thing you'll consider when it comes to choosing your gear !

Looking for something more affordable ?

Check out our suggestions below :

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