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Seriously Funny : Otis the Skydiving Pug

I thought by now I'd seen all types of animal cruelty : surfing sheep, SUPing cats, parasailing donkies, sakeboarding dogs...But this should be at the top pf PETA's most "tortured animals" list:

Otis is a ten year old pug who grew up at the Lodi Parachute Centre in Acampo, Los Angeles who recently made his 64th tandem skydive strapped to owner Will DaSilva.
Will insists it isn't cruel, claiming Otis is a really happy dog and is well aware what is happening before every jump.

Otis the Skydiving PugOtis is definitely living the dream, having a ball like a dog with its head out of the car window. Can't wait to see his first solo jump 😃

Watch Otis' story below:

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