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Bucket list Ideas : Volcano Boarding In Nicaragua !

volcano boarding in nicaragua

Believe it or not, "volcano tourism" is a popular, and growing travel trend. Every year millions of tourists make active and dormant volcanic areas their preferred destination, either for recreational purposes and sightseeing, or perhaps as an adventure trip involving more extreme activities such as hiking, climbing, camping, taking a hot air balloon trip over volcanic landforms like in Capadoccia, Turkey.

But recently, one activity/adventure has become especially popular - volcano boarding !
Cerro Negro, an ominous charcoal-black volcano in western Nicaragua, and is accessible from León - a small, colonial city 15 miles southwest of the roughly 2,388-foot mountain. 
Cerro Negro is the youngest volcano in Central America, and like a rambunctious youth, it’s active. Born in 1850, it has erupted over 20 times.

Since 2002, several local companies offer personalized travel services, including customized itineraries, day tours, transportation services, accommodations, knowledgeable guides, and the thrilling experience of volcano boarding !

Volcano boarding is generally done on a piece of laminated board with handles at the back and front. Different boards have been tested, including some made of metal, but the fastest ride so far comes from the laminated board. 

Once all the participants have put on their bright orange jumpsuits and safety goggles – to ward off possible injury from the rough volcanic ash – the guide gives final instructions on what to expect and what to do. 

volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Different routes down allow for different speeds. You can speed up by leaning back, and leaning slightly side to side changes direction – the main aim however is just to stay on the board! 

Boarders can reach a speed of 30 km/h or more. There have been no reports of serious mishaps however, and the general consensus is that volcano boarding is exciting and well worth the effort.

Some tour operators offer their own spins on the activity. For $33, León’s Va Pues Tours gives guests the option of carving down Cerro Negro on one of their stand-up boards, though they do suggest that riders have previous snowboarding experience.

Check out the video below to decide for yourself if you'd like to add volcano boarding to your Bucket List !

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