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5 Tips To Teach Your Kid To Surf

Teaching somebody of any age to surf is inherently frustrating. Teaching a kid to surf can be a task for a super parent !

Surfing and parenting are both long-lasting relationships, so you want to keep them simple:  the less you complicate them, the better they turn out.

Here area few things when it comes to introducing your offspring to the ocean and the joy of surfing:

1 - The key is patience, patience, patience.

Don’t rush your child into the water and on to a board. If he just wants to hang on the beach and build a sand castle then so be it. If your child feels frustrated or scared, this will only set your whole surfing plan back a few steps.

2 - One of the best things you can do is to introduce your kid to surfing in warm water.

I think it’s really important. Kids can be a little moody and less into things when they’re uncomfortable, so really the best advice I can give is to take them surfing in a place where the water is warm. Hawaii is a pretty perfect place to get kids into surfing. So if you can, get your kids to a place like that to get them into their first wave.

3 - Get the right gear.

The right board is an invaluable tool in helping build your kids skills and confidence. I'd suggest to use a cheap soft-top longboard. They are very wide and buoyant, made of soft bodyboard material, and have dull flexible fins. All of these designs are geared towards safe, bruise-free and blood-free surf sessions. Also, if needed, suit up your kid in a nice and comfortable wet suit, booties, head gear, and gloves.

4 - Get them started on a boogie board.

Here is another tip I found very helpful. Body boarding is a great way to develop a child's familiarity with the ocean and waves in particular.

5 - Surf along. 

Monkey see, monkey do. In other words, if your kid sees you surfing, eventually, he/she will want to join you.

As they say: "Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."
The rest is simply practice and experience. Where to sit and how to paddle and how to turn and pop up will come as you and your child surf together.

But I believe that the best way to teach is through experience. Turn your surf lesson with your kid into a fun day at the beach !

We like to bring along our tent/shade, camping/beach gear, our BBQ, and additional gear such as a trainer kite, a skimboard or boogie board, and a beach cruiser.

Even if surfing turns out not to be your kid's favorite sport, spending time together at the beach is always fun ! When it all comes together, it’s a pretty unreal feeling going surfing with your family. It’s amazing and really rewarding thing to share something you love, and to see them love it the same way you do.

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