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Tips On Visiting Wild Waves Theme Park In Washington State

Seattleites love to believe that "it rains less in Seattle than on the East Coast or some other places". But the truth is - it rains a lot in Seattle ! No surprise that "the official summer" in Seattle starts... around mid-July. But once it starts, Washington state is a great place for outdoor fun !

And there is no better place to have some amazing family time than in Washington’s only water and amusement park - Wild Waves & Enchanted Village !

Granted, comparing to some California's or Florida's theme parks, Wild Waves & Enchanted Village is not that grand. On the plus side, it's not as expensive.

Here is a short guide for out-of-state visitors and first timers to get some first hand info :

Best Time To Visit

As mentioned above, mid-July is by all means the best time to visit the park. Even though the park officially opens on June 1st, and there are exceptionally hot days in June, much of the month can still be quite cold and rainy. On the plus side - no lines, and there are a few hot tubs to keep you warm !

Season Pass or Daily Visit

We've been going to the park ever summer for the past several years, and since my son is out of school, going to the park 2-3 times a week is a norm. So for me, buying a season pass at the end of the year ( which is the cheapest ! )saves me a lot of money !

But if you're a family of 3-4, and only visiting for a day or two, buying a pass can still save you money.

With just one pass you're getting a bunch of freebies, and discounts, including a free pass for a friend, and a very discounted one ( $10 ). Your pass is also loaded with discounts for rides, food and drinks, and locker rentals.

Getting There By Bus

Wild Waves & Enchanted Village is located on the bus route, but travel time from Seattle could take a couple hours to get there.


Unfortunately there is no way to "save" on parking. There are no street parking or big stores where you could leave your car. Pakin is $10 a day or $40 for the season.


On the plus side, if you're traveling by car, bring your own food and drinks, but... leave them in the car. The park has a very strict " no outside food/drinks" policy that they inforce at the entrance ( yes, like TSA style bag checks :)).  There is a gas station and Taco Time within 20 min walk, or Costco, Walmart, fast food restaurants within 10 min drive.

Best Time Of The Day/Week To  Visit

Even mid-week the park can be pretty crowded. But from our experience Mon-Thur from opening to 1pm is the best time to avoid lines, and find the best parking. Also, because many visitors are locals, a lot of people leave after 3-4 pm, which is still enough time to enjoy the rides without long lines.

What To Bring

The park offer free sunbathing beds... but chance are, if you're not at the gate by the time it opens, everything will be taken. The good thing is, the park is huge, and you can always find a place to pitch a tent or your favorite lounge chair ( Pop Up Outdoors Portable Tent/Sun Shelter is our favorite  to bring to the park ! ). The park also hosts a store in case you forget to bring your sunscreen or a towel, or need to buy something else.


The park is like Alcatraz for kids, surrounded by guards with absolutely no way to drown ( or to really hang loose and have some fun :)) Once my kid  became a confident swimmer, I didn't even have to watch him any more. He just checks in with me if he wants to go to a different part of the park so I can easily find him.

Best Rides

Try 'em all, and see for yourself !

One attraction we're still building up the courage to try is the I-5 Dive Skycoaster - an exhilarating, high bungee drop that will give you a good view of the park if you dare to open your eyes. No selfie sticks or GoPro are allowed on this ride, so, we'll definitely need somebody on the ground to catch this epic experience !

Also, their Soaring Eagle Zipline could be much more fun... if it was an actual zip line ( now, you're just zipping up and down in a chair...lame, but with $5 discounted ticket it's still OK, especially for the little ones ).

Attend A Show

Besides the rides, slides, games, and attractions, every year the park presents some cool shows ! Our last year's favorite was BMX stunt bikers, and the popular Raptor Show ( one of the owls that played Hedwig in the Harry Potter movies has visited, along with a host of fascinating birds including Bald Eagles ).

Wild Waves Theme Park and Enchanted Village is not Six Flags or Busch Gardens, and if you're visiting Washington state for the first time, may be not worth the visit. But if you're visiting with kids, and have a spare day to kill in the summer, it's definitely a place to be !

Brings a smile on my son's face every time we go !

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