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Tanker Surfing

"Texas isn't surf country, but it doesn't stop them from fulfilling their passion..."

I first learned about tanker surfing from a Columbia commercial a few years ago.

I figured it was just a commercial, until I learned more about Tankersurfcharters.com

Texas is big for many things, but surfing is not one of them. When the weather’s nice and Gulf is flat, as is usually the case, James and his friends are surfing some of the most perfectly formed swells in the world by riding the wakes of supertankers plying Galveston Bay. When the ships are full and hauling serious tonnage, they produce some significant wakes. When the wakes hit sand shoals in the channel, they break, and produce waves that can reel for up to four miles.

If I ever find myself in Texas, that's one thing I'd love to try ! If you are heading that way any time soon, visit James' web site Tankersurfcharters.com to surf your 10 minute wave and have a great adventure !


Unknown said...

Nice story. I love the attitude. Some people see ugly tankers - other people see an adventure. Love it!

ExtraHyperActive said...

Did you have a chance to check out other "pioneers " ? Some of those stories are pretty funny ( "pioneers" of ...sitting:))