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Unsalted : A Great Lakes Experience

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If you think surfing in Washington state is miserable, check out the video below about a group of dedicated surfers who ride the waves of the Great Lakes.

At least we're lucky to have the ocean.

Unlike ocean waves, Great Lakes waves are generally smaller, less powerful, have shorter wave periods (the interval between waves) and less consistent than ocean waves. Not to mention lake waves are commonly created during vicious storms.

Have You Visited Yellowstone National Park ?

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I had a great opportunity to visit Yellowstone NP during my road trip around US a couple years ago. Unfortunately, due to lack of time I didn't have a chance to explore this amazing park the way I wanted.

 I call Yellowstone NP " - "all American experience". And it's not only because it's one of the places in our country every American must see, it's also because it's very "convenient" to visit it. You can see/visit all major interest points/landmarks almost without leaving your car. Just drive to the next viewing point, get out of your car, walk a few steps, snap a few pictures, and you're done !

 Only for me, it's not the way to explore a new place. I want to immerse myself into the environment, and the best way to do it is through activities like hiking, backpacking, or camping.

 Next time, I plan to visit Yellowstone in winter ( everything looks better when covered with snow ), and to explore the park on skis or snowshoes.