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What The Hell Is River Bugging ?

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Here, I present you another relatively new, crazy, adrenaline-filled water sport -river bugging.
"What is river bugging?" - you ask. In a nutshell, it's river tubing with a twist.

Instead of a tube, you sit in an ... inflatable armchair, pitting your wits (and other parts of your anatomy) against fast-moving rapids, bouncing off rocks and rafting down eddies into icy pools of water below. Your hands are covered in webbed gloves and you also wear short flippers, to help you manoeuvre around the river currents. You also wear the standard "whitewater outfit"- (full body) wetsuit, PFD and a helmet.

Ice Climbing In Colorado

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Ice climbing is a very challenging, both physically and emotionally, and engaging sport. At the same time, ice climbing is a thrilling adventure, and a great way to spend a winter day in a beautiful surrounding.

Ski Biking In Vail, CO

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I came across ski-biking ( snowbiking ) a few years ago while researching about another new winter activity - airboarding.

Though both of these activities could be experienced in our neighboring Oregon at Hoodoo ski area, for the past 2-3 years, I simply couldn't find time to make a trip down there. And honestly, to me, ski-biking seemed a bit like kids snow scooting. I thought it would be fun to try, but didn't think it was worth driving for 5 hours.

But during my trip to Colorado I had a chance to jump on this great opportunity, and combine skiing at one of the epic ski resorts in US with trying out a new adventure.

Extreme Glacier Surfing In Alaska Video

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What do you do when you see sheer ice faces of over 400 feet calved away from a glacier, crashing into the waters below and setting off tsunami like waves of up to 25 feet ?

You surf those suckers !

River Surfing On The Isar River In Germany

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It's been a while since I wrote about river surfing, and to my disappointment I still haven't had a chance to try it.

Though, there are a few spots along the Wenatchee River where you could do it, the only time to do that would be during early spring/summer when the snowpack is melting producing nice standing waves.

Unlike in Munich, Germany where you can go river surfing on the Isar River almost any time of the year.

"No Experience Required" To Get From Vancouver To Alaska By Kayak

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Found out about this "documentary" from the Adventure blog. From the description, it sounded just like the journey from last year ( " Paddle-to-Seattle : Sea kayaking the Inside passage " ). But something caught my attention from the first seconds of the video...

None of the participants were "hard core" sea kayakers. Regular folks, with regular 9-5 jobs, just like you and me...There was no "agenda", "saving/preserving/advocating" anything...Just pure adventure.

Hoping to do my first kayak camping trip this year, this film was a great inspiration for me. It "almost" encouraged me to "simply get out and do it", but, then, being hyperactive, I wouldn't be able to sit in a boat for 30+ days...

No Experience Required_Full HQ from StuntBeaver Productions on Vimeo.

Unsalted : A Great Lakes Experience

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If you think surfing in Washington state is miserable, check out the video below about a group of dedicated surfers who ride the waves of the Great Lakes.

At least we're lucky to have the ocean.

Unlike ocean waves, Great Lakes waves are generally smaller, less powerful, have shorter wave periods (the interval between waves) and less consistent than ocean waves. Not to mention lake waves are commonly created during vicious storms.

Have You Visited Yellowstone National Park ?

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I had a great opportunity to visit Yellowstone NP during my road trip around US a couple years ago. Unfortunately, due to lack of time I didn't have a chance to explore this amazing park the way I wanted.

 I call Yellowstone NP " - "all American experience". And it's not only because it's one of the places in our country every American must see, it's also because it's very "convenient" to visit it. You can see/visit all major interest points/landmarks almost without leaving your car. Just drive to the next viewing point, get out of your car, walk a few steps, snap a few pictures, and you're done !

 Only for me, it's not the way to explore a new place. I want to immerse myself into the environment, and the best way to do it is through activities like hiking, backpacking, or camping.

 Next time, I plan to visit Yellowstone in winter ( everything looks better when covered with snow ), and to explore the park on skis or snowshoes.



Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide Book

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I had a lot of fun trying out ice climbing at Alpental, and I was looking forward to doing more ice climbing this year, but being ExtraHyperActive, I wanted to try a new spot.

Eastern Washington University has an outdoor program called EPIC Adventures that offers outdoor adventures to students, faculty and staff. I wanted to join them this winter on their trip to Banff, Alberta for an ice climbing trip, but just couldn't find time...

Looking for new places to ice climb in Washington state, I came across this book:

Not only does it have more than 200 waterfall ice routes and alpine ice climbs, but, what is more important, it also includes information on how weather patterns affect ice routes and the best times to climb ( last year, because of the unpredictable NW winter weather, our ice climbing trip was postponed three times ).

The book also lists several Washington climbing schools that offer specific courses in ice climbing.

American Alpine Institute is one of those schools. Following their blog, I came across this video that did get me stoked and reminded about the thrills of ice climbing:

It might be too late to try ice climbing this year, but if the video above inspired you ( or at least made you curious about the sport ), check out Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide to find a school next year, or if you are brave enough, just grab a couple of ice climbing tools and head out to one of those places from the book.

Surfing and SUPing In Alaska

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When you think of surfing/SUPing , immediately a beautiful picture comes to your mind : crystal clear blue sky, lot's of sunshine, sandy beach...You imagine yourself somewhere in Hawaii, Florida, California, Alaska...Wait, what ? It doesn’t sound quite right does it?

Well, for some people the idea of surfing in Alaska doesn't seem crazy at all...
With something like 47,000 tidal shoreline miles in Alaska, and with ample swell activity pumping through the North Pacific year round, there’s certainly no shortage of good waves. According to local surfers, the potential is absolutely mind-blowing.
Riding a 10 minute tanker wave in the heat of Texas is one thing, but catching a mile long tidal bore wave in the mid-40s to mid-50s water is different.

Cold weather does not need to mean the end of surfing for 6 months. Just take some precautions and enjoy the challenge !

For more amazing pictures and videos, visit SurfAlaska.net

If the idea of surfing in Alaska is not extreme enough for you, may be Surfing in the Arctic Circle will give you goosebumps.

Tandem Paragliding Flights At Tiger Mountain

There is a big misconception about what paragliding is. A lot of people stereotype paragliding as an "extreme " sport for " hot shots ", " special breed " elite adventure athletes. Personally, I would call paragliding an " adventure sport " rather than an " extreme " one. Unlike skydiving or BASE jumping there is no free-falling or jumping off of cliffs.

The best way to go "soaring with the eagles" is to get a tandem paragliding flight. Tandem paragliding is safe, low cost, and a great introduction to the sport of paragliding.

Local outdoor enthusiasts know Tiger Mountain as an all seasons and all skill levels mecca for hiking and mountain biking. But few know that it's also a major metropolitan paragliding flight park ( the famous Chirico Trail is actually named after Marc Chirico who brought paragliding to Tiger Mountain in 1990 ).

Your adventure begins with a shuttle ride ($17 cash paid to the driver ) that will take you up Tiger Mountain to the launch zone. You may otherwise choose to hike up to launch via the Chirico Trail (1.5 mile / 1,700' / 45 min to an hour climb ) with the chute on your back ( if you want to save some cash ).

Once at the launch zone, your instructor will go over some of the basics. The learning curve in tandem paragliding is... Well, not a whole lot.

As a matter of fact, you are not expected to know or do anything. The only thing that is expected from you is the ability to run at full speed off of the edge of the mountain. If this doesn't seem to daunting an idea, the rest is easy. After signing a waiver and getting geared up... you are ready to soar !

The flights are smooth and comfortable, sat in a seat in front of the instructor enjoying the views. The flight time varies. Paragliding is weather dependent, and if the conditions are just right you might fly for as long as an hour ( but usually, 20-30 minutes will be just enough for you ).

Now all you have to do is choose a company to take you up. A good tandem pilot will be confident, experienced but not a maverick dare devil.

I went with Ross Jacobson from Northwest SkySports.
USHGA (United States HangGliding Association ) certified with more than 17 years of experience, he flies all around Washington: Tiger Mountain, Blanchard Mountain near Bellingham, Whidbey Island, Chelan...

Strong gusty winds didn't allow us to spend a lot of time flying that day, but even that was enough for me to start thinking about pursuing my childhood dream - becoming a pilot ( at least a paragliding pilot).

Check out a cool video of tandem paragliding flight at Tiger Mountain in Issauqah, WA here !