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Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide Book

I had a lot of fun trying out ice climbing at Alpental, and I was looking forward to doing more ice climbing this year, but being ExtraHyperActive, I wanted to try a new spot.

Eastern Washington University has an outdoor program called EPIC Adventures that offers outdoor adventures to students, faculty and staff. I wanted to join them this winter on their trip to Banff, Alberta for an ice climbing trip, but just couldn't find time...

Looking for new places to ice climb in Washington state, I came across this book:

Not only does it have more than 200 waterfall ice routes and alpine ice climbs, but, what is more important, it also includes information on how weather patterns affect ice routes and the best times to climb ( last year, because of the unpredictable NW winter weather, our ice climbing trip was postponed three times ).

The book also lists several Washington climbing schools that offer specific courses in ice climbing.

American Alpine Institute is one of those schools. Following their blog, I came across this video that did get me stoked and reminded about the thrills of ice climbing:

It might be too late to try ice climbing this year, but if the video above inspired you ( or at least made you curious about the sport ), check out Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide to find a school next year, or if you are brave enough, just grab a couple of ice climbing tools and head out to one of those places from the book.

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