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Sea/ocean kayak surfing

The first time I heard about kayak surfing was during my basic sea kayak class with Washington Kayak Club ( WKC). I'd seen whitewater kayakers surfing in the rivers ( in a WW kayak you are essentially surfing in place, with water passing below the craft at fairly high surface velocity ), but couldn't imagine that it would be possible to surf ocean waves in a sea kayak.

It was during my visit to La Push when I saw sea/ocean kayak surfing in action.

How is it different from surfing or SUPing ? When you're surfing, you can bail from your board pretty easily, but ditching a kayak while strapped to it can be more difficult.

Kayak surfing is growing in popularity over the last decades, and by some kayakers considered to be a discipline of its own.

Though, there are a number of specialty surf kayak designs available, sea kayaks, due to their length, are the most difficult to maneuver in surf.

To see just how wild sea kayak surfing can be, check out the video below :

To learn more about ocean kayaking, check out Hurricane Riders...

Sea/ocean kayak surfing is a fascinating kayaking discipline, I sure will write more about it...

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