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"No Experience Required" To Get From Vancouver To Alaska By Kayak

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Found out about this "documentary" from the Adventure blog. From the description, it sounded just like the journey from last year ( " Paddle-to-Seattle : Sea kayaking the Inside passage " ). But something caught my attention from the first seconds of the video...

None of the participants were "hard core" sea kayakers. Regular folks, with regular 9-5 jobs, just like you and me...There was no "agenda", "saving/preserving/advocating" anything...Just pure adventure.

Hoping to do my first kayak camping trip this year, this film was a great inspiration for me. It "almost" encouraged me to "simply get out and do it", but, then, being hyperactive, I wouldn't be able to sit in a boat for 30+ days...

No Experience Required_Full HQ from StuntBeaver Productions on Vimeo.