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Rave Water Trampoline ( and others ) on Amazon for less than $1000

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RAVE Sports Bongo Water Bouncer from $722 on Amazon 

Rave Water Trampoline Amazon Review

Water trampolines are a lot of fun for people of all ages ! 

Put a lightweight bounce platform into the trunk or boat and go wherever adventure leads you. Rave inflatable trampoline inflates quickly, anchors effortlessly and allows you to keeps the kids active or the adults lounging anywhere there is water.

What The Hell Is River Bugging ?

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Here, I present you another relatively new, crazy, adrenaline-filled water sport -river bugging.
"What is river bugging?" - you ask. In a nutshell, it's river tubing with a twist.

Instead of a tube, you sit in an ... inflatable armchair, pitting your wits (and other parts of your anatomy) against fast-moving rapids, bouncing off rocks and rafting down eddies into icy pools of water below. Your hands are covered in webbed gloves and you also wear short flippers, to help you manoeuvre around the river currents. You also wear the standard "whitewater outfit"- (full body) wetsuit, PFD and a helmet.