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Rave Water Trampoline ( and others ) on Amazon for less than $1000

RAVE Sports Bongo Water Bouncer from $722 on Amazon 

Rave Water Trampoline Amazon Review

Water trampolines are a lot of fun for people of all ages ! 

Put a lightweight bounce platform into the trunk or boat and go wherever adventure leads you. Rave inflatable trampoline inflates quickly, anchors effortlessly and allows you to keeps the kids active or the adults lounging anywhere there is water.

Each Bongo model comes with either a stainless steel ladder (Bongo 15) or aluminum ladder (Bongo 10 & 13) designed with steps deep into the water, easy to grip stainless steel or aluminum bars, hand holds molded into each step and boarding assist handles a the top enabling anyone to board effortlessly. Relax away your summer knowing that RAVE provides a lifetime warranty guarding you against manufacturer's defects.

Although the Bongo is similar to a traditional water trampoline, it also offers a few key differences :

First, the Bongo is easy to transport, meaning you can set it up quickly and use it anywhere. If you have a large pickup truck, you can even stow it in the truck bed, although Rave Sports recommends that you don't drag it across the ground. 

Second, the Bongo doesn't have any metal parts, so you needn't worry about corrosion. 

Finally, the Bongo can be used on land or water, making it far more flexible than most water trampolines. Like any inflatable product, however, the Bongo tube should not be exposed to rough edges or sharp objects like rocks and sticks.

The Bongo water bouncer comes in three sizes--10, 13, or 15 feet--that accommodates several friends or an entire family. 

Even better, the bouncer's 1,000-denier polyester, UV-treated PVC material (with heat-welded seams) is extremely durable. In fact, it's the same high-grade material used in many ocean-going inflatables and inflatable military boats. As a result, you can use the Bongo in the ocean and other saltwater locations, as there no metal components aside from the stainless-steel anchor rings. 

Best of all, the Bongo--which requires a water depth of at least 8 feet--sets up easily !

You can use the included two-way hand pump for the 10- or 13-foot Bongo or an industrial inflator/deflator (not included) for the larger 15-foot version. It takes roughly 5 minutes to inflate the Bongo with a high-volume inflator/deflator and 20 minutes with the two-way hand pump. The water bouncer also comes with either a day-use anchor bag (Bongo 10 and 13) that can be filled with sand or rocks or a fixed anchor harness (Bongo 15) on the underside of the tube.

The Bongo carries a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Depending on the size, Rave water trampolines price range $722 - $2000+

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