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Kiteboarding At Jetty Island In Everett, Wa

Kiteboarding At Jetty Island In Everett, Wa

It's been more than 5 years since I took my very first kiteboarding lesson with Urban Surf at Jetty Island ! Unfortunately, so many years later, and I still consider myself to be a beginner.

As I wrote in my previous posts, being a kitebarder in Washington state is not en easy task. Though kiteboarding is growing in popularity every year in our state, it still remains the sport of a very tight and dedicated group of people. The cost of equipment, lessons, unpredictable weather, and limited spots for beginners to learn, make kiteboarding off limits for many people.

Because of the weather conditions, even after taking lessons, and acquiring your own gear, it's hard to make kiteboarding as accessible as , let's say, biking or hiking ( where you can just get up and go ). It requires a lot of patience, time, and dedication. If there is the slightest possibility of wind, one must drop everything and go ! And let's face it, not everybody can afford this luxury.

But when the conditions are right, for beginners and advanced riders, there are no better place to go kiteboarding in Washington state than Jetty Island in Everett ! Jetty Island is a special place! It’s one of the greatest kiteboarding beaches in the country !

Kiteboarding At Jetty Island In Everett, Wa
Kiteboarding At Jetty Island In Everett, Wa
This little island just 30 min north of Seattle, off the Everett waterfront is fast becoming the NW's best beach for learning and riding. With its wide shallow water beach its ideal for kiteboard training at any level. It receives steady and predictable sea breezes almost every afternoon into the evening between April and September. With smooth winds, shallow/warm water, a sandy clean beach and miles of open bay, entry level riders learn the basics quickly. The island is owned and operated by the Port of Everett. Its use is split between recreation and serving as a refuge for 45 species of birds.

Starting in July, Port of Everett operates a free ferry that can take you to the island. The parking is free Mon-Thur, but there is a $3 parking fee during the weekends. Because the island is very popular among the locals, the lines to the ferry are long. That's why the best way for kiteboarders to cross the channel is by a kayak or SUP.   Just keep in mind, the Coast Guard and Sheriff’s Dept are vigilant about preventing drownings. Your water craft is likely to be inspected. The river crossing to Jetty is cold and deep and the current can be swift. It is the law for kayakers to have and wear their life jackets ($100 fine).

Dogs are not allowed on the island because it is a bird refuge and alcohol is strictly prohibited with a $1000 fine. Be aware that Jetty has no shade or shelter so bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

Once you're on the island, you can safely leave your boat/kayak/SUP/canoe on the shore, and proceed to the launching/kiteboarding zone. There is a “Kiteboarding Zone” free-standing sign that is now in use. When the ferry starts to operate, and scores of sunbathers flock to the island, stay north of that sign. Many spectators come over to Jetty Island just to watch kiteboarders, but the majority of them are there to spend time with their children, letting them play in the sand and swim. It;s truly a great place for the whole family !

Jetty Island sits in Port Gardner bay which, due to the inlet of the Snohomish River, is a large tidal flat. On low tides there are literally 100’s of yards of beach between the island and the water’s edge. This flat bottom contour creates very smooth water and nice pealing waves on low tides. Because the water is so shallow here the temperature is several degrees warmer than the rest of the Sound. Some kiters ride with only shorts, but at least a shorty is recommended as the outer waters are still in the 50s.

Kiteboarding At Jetty Island In Everett, Wa

The west side of the island features a gently sloping beach that extends far out into Puget Sound, with the shallow water warmed to pleasant wading temperatures. A short trail wanders south of the ranger station; visitors are requested to keep to the beaches further north to protect the inland habitat.

Everett’s Jetty Island is an oasis of sand, sunshine and great memories ! You’ll find it hard to believe that you’re mere yards from a city with 100,000 residents and that boasts one of the largest public marinas on the West Coast.

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