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Kiteboarding Lessons With Urban Surf, Seattle, WA

I've been dying to try kitebaording for the past two years. But unlike snowboarding or even windsurfing it's ridiculously expensive. Just lessons alone will cost you hundreds of dollars.

I managed to save up to $165 on my Ground Course ( or Level 1, according to International Kiteboarding Organization ) by buying a used trainer kite for $50 from Craigslist, and learning how to use it by watching Youtube.

But learning to kite on your own can be a frustrating and dangerous experience. Taking a kiteboarding lesson with a qualified instructor ensures that not only you, but also those around you will be safe!

After logging in hours of practice with my trainer kite, I was ready and excited about Level 2 ( Kiting Course ) that I planned to take with Urban Surf at Jetty Island in Everett.

$320 for a 4 hours class...After spending $600 on my gear, I was broke. Lucky for me, a friend of mine agreed to give kiteboarding a try, thus reducing the price to $210

As usual, I had higher expectations that I should have had...

The description on the site promises that you'll learn a lot...but... the catch is that those 4 hours you have to split with your buddy, giving you less time to learn and practice.

Not only did we not cover everything we were suppose to, after the class I didn't feel safe or confident to continue practicing on my own. I personally don't think that experience was worth the money I spent.

The final step to become an independent rider is Level 3 ( learning how to get up and ride ) and that's another $220. I think I will have to do it the old fashion way...watching Youtube...

UPDATE : In 2018, Urban Surf hiked up their prices, and lowered the quality of their services ( from what I heard ).

If you're looking for kiteboarding/kitesurfing lessons near Seattle, check out website www.seattlekitesurfpaddle.com for recommendations of our tried, and approved independent kiteboarding instructors in Seattle and beyond.

Our goal is to help people learn kiteboarding in a safe, fun, and easy way ! And while kiteboarding is NOT cheap ( gear, lessons, travel ), we do our best to save you time, and money !


Anonymous said...

Please don't try to learn on your own. You will more than likely hurt yourself or others and you pose a risk to others who have learned in getting our kitebeaches shut down for good. There is no "try" with kiteboarding, it isn't sledding, you have to be committed to it.

ExtraHyperActive said...

...you are two months late :) almost killed myself at Hood River this summer ( thanks God nobody else got hurt )...

You're absolutely right "there is no "try" with kiteboarding", that's why will be taking my next lesson as soon as I can afford it :)