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Ice Climbing In Colorado

Ice climbing is a very challenging, both physically and emotionally, and engaging sport. At the same time, ice climbing is a thrilling adventure, and a great way to spend a winter day in a beautiful surrounding.

Once considered a mere subset of mountaineering, ice climbing has come a long way. Armed with better equipment thrill seekers took to frozen waterfalls and steep sections of vertical ice in the twentieth century. Today, the sport of outdoor climbing has been growing and ice climbing is a major segment of that growth.

After my first time trying out ice climbing a few years ago, I knew I would want to do it again.

Unfortunately, there are not that many places in Washington state for ice climbing, and even fewer guiding companies that offer this outdoor activity.

One of my Bucket List goals was to try ice climbing in Ouray, CO

Ouray is considered to be Colorado's ice climbing capitol, and ranked as one of the most popular locations for ice climbing in the world. Among climbers, it gained its popularity by hosting the biggest ice climbing festival in North America. Also, Ouray has the only ice park where over a mile of farmed ice is available to climbers right in the city limits, easily accessible and free to all who enjoy this exciting sport.

But Ouray is not the only place to try ice climbing in Colorado.

Just less than 2 hours away from Denver, near Colorado Springs, you'll find the ultimate and complete ice climbing experience in the Pikes Peak Region and at Cheyenne and Elevenmile Canyons.

Sadly, among "regular folks/Average Joe", ice climbing has gained a bad rep as an "extreme sport" for adrenaline junkies, hard core rock climbers, and extremely fit athletes.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not even need to be in top physical shape to climb ice. The skills necessary for ice climbing require balance and focus combined with efficient technique.

Today, a plethora of tools and safety gear make ice climbing accessible for almost anyone. You can take guided climbing lessons; you can do less strenuous ice climbs in the sun, or take on advanced multi-day steep climbs in sub-zero temperatures. With the right training, just about everybody can ice climb ! Generally they say: "if you can put a nail in with a hammer, you can go ice climbing."

Don't get me wrong ! There is an element of danger in every outdoor activity.

But for those who are appropriately equipped and trained, ice climbing is not as crazy as it might seem. In fact, it's become increasingly popular with traditional climbers and all-around adventurers alike.

Using a professional and experienced guiding company will guarantee you to have a safe, fun, and memorable experience !

If you're fit and gutsy, sign up for instruction and try your hand at this thrilling sport !

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