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Surfing and SUPing In Alaska

When you think of surfing/SUPing , immediately a beautiful picture comes to your mind : crystal clear blue sky, lot's of sunshine, sandy beach...You imagine yourself somewhere in Hawaii, Florida, California, Alaska...Wait, what ? It doesn’t sound quite right does it?

Well, for some people the idea of surfing in Alaska doesn't seem crazy at all...
With something like 47,000 tidal shoreline miles in Alaska, and with ample swell activity pumping through the North Pacific year round, there’s certainly no shortage of good waves. According to local surfers, the potential is absolutely mind-blowing.
Riding a 10 minute tanker wave in the heat of Texas is one thing, but catching a mile long tidal bore wave in the mid-40s to mid-50s water is different.

Cold weather does not need to mean the end of surfing for 6 months. Just take some precautions and enjoy the challenge !

For more amazing pictures and videos, visit SurfAlaska.net

If the idea of surfing in Alaska is not extreme enough for you, may be Surfing in the Arctic Circle will give you goosebumps.

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